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Player: GameGeeks
Race: Vampire Human
Class: Psion Shaper 1/Swordsage 5
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: A tall pale man with a haughty noble bearing. His piercing gaze and invariably stern expression lend him an air of dignified command. A mane of snow white hair spills down to his shoulders providing a startling frame for his hard features.

Personality: Noble and reserved. Not one to easily be goaded into a fight. Over a Millenia of existence has given him a great amount of patience.


Ah, it has been many a moon since I last walked these lands. My sire always enjoyed this land though much has changed of it in the time I last walked here with him. He enjoyed the finer things in life. Music, dance, plays, balls and blood. I remember my first drink, a pretty red haired dame. A noble if I'm not mistaken. There's nothing like the first drop of blood slidding down your tounge and into your throught. It tasted better then any wine I had had while I was alive. For years we wandared together. That changed one night when a hunter tracked us down. A stake was driven through my heart while I slumbered. I can only assume my sire was slain and the hunter mortaly wounded for he did not return to finish me off. A decade passed and by chance two children stumbled upon my form. One a boy the other a girl. The boy not knowing about my kind pulled the stake out. In a frenzied state of hunger, upon being revived, I grabbed the boy and quickly drained him. The girl soon followed. I wondered what I'd do now that I was alone. For a time I lived much like my sire had taught me. Blending in with society. Though I took to less noticable prey. I fed on the poor and homeless. People who would not go ammised should they vanish.
Though it seems my fate was not to follow this path. No, my fate would take me far from the pleasures of society.


Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 3/5/2012 200
2 Character Creation (buying) 3/5/2012 -185 Noble Vestments, Masterwork Tools: Bluff/Craft Alchemy, Cologne: rare
3 East Injia vs the College pt 1 3/5/2012 42300 25000 Item Worth 20k Investigated Mali's missing wurm stumbled upon Kobolds working for Ra-men who summoned Aspects of Nerull.
4 Buying 3/6/2012 -19156 Masterwork Tools: Diplomacy/Sense Motive/Concentration/Perception/Intimidate, Monk's Belt, Royal Outfit (Enchanted: Fist of Stone), Ring of Mind Shielding, Ring (Enchanted: Shield), Necrotic Talisman, Cologne: Rare
5 Foray Into Dragonport 3/7/2012 4800 5875 Came in just in time to grapple at the last crossbowman and a discussion at a pub.
6 Crab Battle 2 3/8/2012 4320 7,000 Party sent to the beach to fight off giant zombie Crabs, but got more than they bargained for.
7 East Injia vs. the College Part 2

NPC Appearances:

# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 8 08-12-2012 Fought (while accompanied by potent illithidae vampires) a group of adventurers traversing through the Nexus of Souls and was defeated
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