Zekeal Desreat
"I don't care if its a four year old girl with asthma. It needs to die…"

Character Sheet
Player: DakkalordG
Race: Human
Class: Witch-Hunter
Alignment: Lawful Good

Appearance: Zekeal is of Medium height and is of average build. His Grey eyes show a man wrought with weariness. His black hair is cut in a short, practical manner. He is rarely seen without his Armoured Coat, or his Greatsword slung across his back. When he does take his armour off, he wears a plain gartment consisting of a red T-Shirt, a pair of plain trousers, and a pair of jet black boots.

Personality: Zekeal is quiet most of the time, only talking when wanting to gather information or after completing a job. He usually will sit quietly at the bar of a Tavern constantly in thought, unless hes drinking. He gets very loud when hes drunk. When a Witch or Witchlike being is in his presence, he usually starts a low growling, restraining himself from butchering the being while it can aid him. This also goes for Demons, but his restraint is far less tolerable when in their presence…

Background: Zekeal Desreat was born in Avalon to very Pious Parents. His father was a Paladin of and his mother a Cleric of Pelor. His Father taught him to fight at a young age, and he found he was proficient with the greatsword. One night as he sleeping, he was awoken by his mothers scream. When he found his parents, his father was lying dead, and his mother was being beaten mercilessly by a Demon. When the Demon saw Zekeal he formed a knife from thin air in his hand, and ran Zekeals mother through. Zekeal charged at the Demon, but the Demon was too powerful, and cast Zekeal out through the window. As he lay on the cold stone ground, battered, broken, parentless, he made a vow, a vow to destroy any and all Demons he ever came across. He also cursed Pelor for betraying him and his family, vowing never to follow a god and their false promises. He trained hard, learned how to kill the supposedly 'unkillable', made sure anything he disliked died painfully, and to this day, hunts the Demon that caused all of this.

The Fluff Bits:

Kansas - Carry on My Wayward son

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 16/2/13 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 0 Armoured Coat, Greatsword
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