Description Yuzzem are large furry humanoids almost resembling gerbils with large tusks and long snouts.

Personalities: Yuzzem are rash volotile, but follow a strict code of honor.

Modifiers: +4 Strength -2 dexterity -4 wisdom -2 charisma

Racials: Scent: Yuzzem can sense opponents within 60 feet by smell, this increases by 20 feet if downwind strong scents triple, overpowering scents triple

Natural weapons: Yuzzem get claws and bites for 1d8 + strength

Physical Intimidation: Yuzzem get strength to their Intimidation

Fearless: Yuzzem get +4 to will vs fear effects.

Good Climbers: Yuzzem get +2 to climb checks due to their claws

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