The Heroic Domains of Ysguard or just Ysguard for short is a land of battle and heroes. The weather is extreme in Ysguard, and the landmasses flow on a river of molten earth through an endless sky.The theme of Ysgard is the glory of heroic, individual struggle. According to myth, the twilight of the gods will begin on this plane. Ysgard is also a plane of inspiration and creativity. The Infinite Staircase has its beginning here, and true poetry is said to be found in giants' wells and the mead of the gods. The World Tree, Yggdrasil, has the most connections on this plane.

Ysgard is a place of raw elements, where rivers of earth, ice, and fire crash together in the howling sky; a place where waves crash in wild oceans. It's the homeland of the heroic bariaurs, the giants and their gods, and the mystical fensir.

Kord's petitioners dwell in the Hall of the Valiant on Ysgard's first layer, a grand hall made of stout wood where there's always a feast - or a wrestling match


Hall of the Valiant
Battlefield of Ysguard




# Adventure Date Actions
1 Destiny of Farris Blackclaw 2/17/2012 Farris Blackclaw escaped here after being rescued by the party
2 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 4/4/12 Farris Blackclaw brought Kamigawa and Roc here, Roc blew Kamigawa's brains out so he would rise again as a normal man instead of an undead.
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