Race: Nogistune (?)
Class: ???
Alignment: ???

Description: A nogistune shikigami, a former servant of a nogitsune simply referred to as 'Nogitsune Queen' to be precise. Silver-tongued and versed in the arts of sweetly-corruptive flattery enough to even please the aforementioned entity otherwise known as 'vanity incarnate'.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Doomcape exploration (discere arcanum) 02-12-2013 After redirecting the arcane flow of one of the magic-circle-covered floors of Old Castle Darnten the Yomino awakened from her ages-long slumber. The entity seemed to have been imprisoned inside a golem-like kitsune shell by The Starforger along with many other spirits. Initially the shikigami mixed Kimonto with her mistress but after the confusion was (somewhat) cleared… she requested being 'unchained' from her prison in exchange for servitude. In order for such to happen few 'mere' magical disjunctions would need to be performed in the first place.
2 Doomcape Exploration - a mishap... or two 02/16/2013 Became a shikigami (similar to how tis the case case with Ayano) of… Kimonto. All such was done in order to allow her and two other 'foxes' to leave the prison of her golem-alike form. Mentioned her (now former) mistress numerous times.
3 Doomcape Exploration (Darnten Siege, part 2) 02-19-2013 Aided her 'mistress' in a bit of an impatient fashion.
4 Scary Aika 03-22-2013 Her existence as a shikigami of Kimonto's was revealed to Rick during their stay inside the palace of Aika's on the Elemental Plane of Fire.
5 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 Mentioned briefly by the nogitsune queen within the Darnten Siege.
6 Magic in my belly~ 03/26/2013 Got a stern talking to and a rude awakening to who's Kim's really ! Before such she run into Amaterasu after being randomly warped out from Darnten Siege together with her mistress and the other shikigami. Submitted, as reluctantly as she did, to the command of Yume's who 'asked' her to continue acting as a guard of her ditzy daughter.
7 Foxy ingredient 07/22/2013 Only harassed Ayano via telepathy, a bit that is. Especially when helping Kimonto with old scale-shedding.
8 The shadows burn … They slitter though the gaps 08/02/2013 Played a bit on Ayano's nerves. Later merged into Kimonto's tattoo along with the other shikigami, allowing the 'Swirling Shadows' to awaken once more.
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