Ying, aka 'Frozen Empress'
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Disguise and true form

Race: Advanced Kitsune (???) DR 0
Class: Monk 2/Dominant Ideal Ardent 10/Energist 5/Thrallherd 5/?
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: A short tempered icy (quite literally) female kitsune with some cursed, as in nogitsune, ancestry which gets better of her at times. Somewhat cynical, somewhat frustrated… but still alluring to lay gaze upon. Possesses eight-and-half-a-tails… a result of her mixed heritage.
Her domain (located in Frostfell) is filled with dominated monsters… which would otherwise pose threat to nearby humanoid tribes but such is her will that tis not an issue. Even then, when asked about the fox, most locals would tell the stories of a 'terrible ice demon queen' who rules her domain with ruthless 'efficiency'. Such reputation happened to work in the kitsune's favor, scaring all but the most potent -or overconfident- would-be usurpers.

Ulfar, temporarily deceased

Current Residence:
Nightmare's Domain


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part1) 07-14-2012 Appeared to the adventurers to taunt them only to be struck by Kami and suddenly turning out to be a statue of ice.
2 Eight-and-half-a-tails (part2) 07-15-2012 After the party proved to be quite a match for her 'minions' and occasional …potent Ice CHI of hers… demanded a one on one duel with Nightmare. The duel itself was nonlethal in nature and it involved… a strange game which used small living magics as projectiles (>_> no pwomps were harmed in the process). The 'half-nogitsune' realized that she mistook the party for some kitsune force hellbent on ending her life… due to the ambiguousness of the ascended phoenix's description of Ying's it seems. In 'revenge' she gave Nightmare the idea of not handing her spark of divinity back to the phoenix while also D-E-M-A-N-D-I-N-G a compensation for such misguidance (intentional or not). After showing up in the Phoenixe's lair…was disappointed to see 'him' …not particularly courageous in his current state….as much as she was amused by the nasty trick the reincarnation pulled out on him.
3 50tails 07-24-2012 Arrived to Nightmare's domain after experiencing a strange omen… requested acceptance of herself and her kin in Nightmare's 'future' kitsune domain in exchange for her aid. Was revealed (indirectly) being a great admirer of Amaterasu's from days long gone.
4 Important Destinies, Side-plots 08-03-2012 Was quite shocked to hear Nightmare's … solution to a certain kitsune problem. Confirmed her aid during the upcoming final battle.
5 Foxypotheosis (part 1&2) 09-03-2012 Got slightly 'tormented' by Amaterasu and Nightmare on the Dream Island. Aided both during their confrontation with the First Nogitsune.
6 Foxypotheosis (part 3&4) 09/04/2012 Was assigned the role of the 'head inquisitor' in the newly-formed nogitsune-hunters group, later appeared in the Nightmare's dream.
7 Jelloish Premonition 01/31/2013 Kimonto was warped to her realm by Aika. There she had fun for few days.
8 Doomcape Exploration - a mishap... or two 02/16/2013 Observed Kimonto through Yume's divine senses-augmenting prism together with the kitsune empress. Discussed matters related to her progeny and few … oozes (those being Ambrosia and Aegis) only to later leave for her new ice-castle with her companion.
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