Yagiuma's House


The location used to serve as temporary lighthouse before Doomcape expanded more southward but at some point it was bought out and turned into a few story apartment.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 A bad fox's... bad day ? 02-25-2013 Yui spent a bit of time inside the house, delivering both goods and a warning.
2 Fox meets cat 03-02-2013 Yagiuma stumbled upon Nana… in the house's vicinity that is. And so the chase begun… well not quite a chase but still. This time the shikigami delivering the goods could not afford to wait for the exiled fox that much and left the package hanging on the top railing level, it did not stop the shapeshifting cats from inspecting it though.
3 Feeding time... long-due 03-13-2013 Visited by Nana who mentioned the source of her annoyance being Crimson Claw's actions recent behavior.
4 2-tailed plottingness 03-15-2013 The event's setting. In the end Nana became a permanent occupant of the place
5 The hatchery of plots~ 03-20-2013 Yagiuma was 'greeted' there by her thrall along with the troupe of her believers~ but soon noticed that at this rate the site might get too cramped for her tastes. Henceforth the fox proceeded with the adaptation of Fungal Cavern, deeming the site more suitable for her grand plans.
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