Yag Notes


Gift of the Dark Mahou stage 1
3xday +4 profane to one stat or +2 to two stats. (min per level)
cha checks and sense motive checks vs evil outsiders equal to 1/4 level +1

Spell likes-
Darkness x3
Unholy blight

Emerald Egg
+1 init +4 concentration +1 will saves +4 autohypnosis +1 nat armor
Call to mind x3 day

+2 bonus on all cha-based (and sense motive) when dealing with evil outsiders

Stage 2 infestation:
Fast Healing 3
Poison Blood DC=10+con+HD/2 1d6 str damage
Bite Venom 1d3 con damage
Poison Aura 30 feet 1d6 wisdom damage
Exoskeleton legs. +2 vs bull rush/trip attempts.

Regenration 1 (acid)
1d3 acid claws and spit


Tails may act as tentacle attacks
+4 to grapple
10 foot reach
1d4 damage improved grab and constrict. 1d6 str damage poison

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