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Player: jam730
Race: Human Half-Dragon
Class: Battle Sorcerer (pathfinder) 7, warblade 1, abjurant Champion 3, jade phoenix Mage 10, sanctified one 1
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

The 6'0 tall draconic image of burgeoning form standing proudly with quite the scale of red scales and muscle flexing along his framework. His chest adorned with a rippling of chain metal and black leather while holding to his framework. The odd legged figure he had looked more draconic than man in appearance from the talons on his toes to the arch in his heel and the bend in his knees. His elongated 4 ft tail dragging along from behind in his appearance under his tassel. What seems most peculiar were the pair of big wings spreading out from his back, spread out long ways as he was tall when unfolded.

His head was rather imaged in quite the dragons appearance. The long narrow snout, the ridge of nubs on his brow, and the pair of long growing back arch horns on his forehead all seem to drive the point home quite well. His slitted eyes gaze onward with quite a rageful look, but bare a rather gentle jade green color to the iris that tells of longing. From his scalp back brushed he had long flowing raven like hair of black growing like a luscious mane.

Rather gruff and to himself, he seems to be the socially awkward type. He tends to loose his temper easily enough, disliking the restrictions of authority above him, and often considers himself above others from experience with those that care not but for themselves. Only people he seems to respect are those who give him space or show him their worth in front of his own eyes.

A long time ago, there was once a mighty red female dragon who was said to have been a terror along the lands that she held as her nesting ground for gluttony. Her wrath showed no bounds nor did it seem to hold sway for compassion other than her own intent in furthering her wealth, and her greed for power. One day, the great lands of man sent forth a valliant, and honorable, knight of the court in their kingdom to face such a beast in battle during a great and ravaging travesty long ago. However, none heard from such a knight like him ever since then.

Yet, it was not long till a year later when he returned, with the tidings of a wife thought to have been saved in his escapade against the beast, and no word of the corpse to be had otherwise. The knight and lady fare were quite the well loved couple between each other, with nothing but themselves and the world to take in as their breath and warmth. Through their love came matrimony…and through their matrimony…came a young and healthy male child. Sadly, the wife had to leave for a far away travel, leaving the knight with the young to take care of as his own.

While the child grew, he had separation issues with his things as well as his own lifestyle. He was raised with wealth that would lavish any human into greed, but retained a sense of humbleness due to having no real reason to spend such wealth. He often got into fights with young ones his age who often tease him of having no mother, as those fights often end up ended by his own hand in childish quarrels. While growing more into manhood, he wanted to have a dream fulfilled where he would finally meet his mother once again, and pray that they would have a happy family like everyone else that lived around him.

Yet…As he did grow older, he also started looking more different from others around him. His skin was becoming deeper in shade of blush, with the following of dryness and leathery feel as it happened. His hands had been growing more claw like and sharp in nails, making it harder to risk scratching ones own back while idling off in mental fantasy. His backside was often sore and aching, as if something was normally in the way when he thought there shouldn't be anything there to begin with at the time. Only later would he realize that what was happening to him was anything but natural in any sense of the word.

By his nearing 18th birthday, his appearance was all the more changed and obscure than any who would ever believe him to have been once normal. His shape looking like that of a beast, and his passions and emotions askew past normality to handle the pressure that was welling up inside like a volcano in bursting. His father, the knight, had to be honest with him on that day of his age and growth. His mother, the woman said to have been saved, was actually the dragon he was sent to slay long long ago back in his olden days.

When he tried to slay the beast itself, it seemed to end up turning around as a natural accident caved in on them at the time trapping them for who knows how long. One thing did lead to another, but it seemed more like as the time went on between them, the two had gotten used to each other in the days that went by. By the time they had managed to escape such confinement from so long, nearly going to the beyond with their stalled, and prolonged, cage from reality, the beast seemed to have become docile and meek in the presence of the knight. Whether it was from a trick or, by fate, a natural epiphany from her enclosure away from all she had held material, she seemed to actually want to change her ways in a sense of trying to.

Due to her nature, it was hard to try and hide it. That was, in part, why she had to leave. she didn't want her child, her new born son, to end up being hunted for anything that she could have, or would have, caused in her moment of lapse back to her natural self of long ago in the past. What she did leave behind, however, was said to be the most deadliest of weapons that would ever have been forged from the great firey embers of the beast of flames and scales itself…The dragon fang.

and that…was just the beginning…of all his troubles and adventures.


Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 5-09-2012 200 Making character
2 Character Creation 5-09-2012 -150 Greatsword (Family Heirloom), Chain Shirt
3 The Io's Blood Isles Pt2 5-10-2012 38500 6400 Running into the team and stalking along.
4 Equipment Updates 5-16-2012 -5700 +1 weapon bonus, masterwork quality (sword), masterwork breastplate (agile) +1, +1 ring of protection, +1 vest of resistance chain shirt
5 The Io's Blood Isles Pt3 5-17-2012 24000 11,147 Sword, armor Battle on the volcano tops.
6 The Capture of Claudius 5-23-2012 2500 3000 Posing as a new recruit with the rest of the party, xavash was able to win his way into the fighting fray with the aid of another companion that joined him in tag team before they went on to capture claudius
7 The Io's Blood Isles Pt4 6-30-2012 11600 5800 Aurorum DragonFang Greatsword and Aurorum Resting Armor After a new reforging of arsenal, he returns triumphantly with aiding the party in retrieving the blue dragon orb.
8 The hunt for the orbs of dragon kind pt1 6-6-2012 22000 4000 Traversing through the challenges of honor, xavash realizes that honor and fidelity often have more depth than expected in dire times of need
9 Market 6-7-2012 -25000 sold ring of protection +1 for half to buy ring of protection +5 needed an upgrade
10 Memories of a Dragon 6-10-2012 21450 See Adventure See Adventure
11 The hunt for the orbs of dragon kind pt 2 6-13-2012 10200 13800 Silver Dragon Orb Xavash may have missed out on the reach to the silver dragon but had been able to arrive on time to WARN THE PARTY of expectant events to come of umbral dragons.
12 Phylacteries Phall pt1 6-14-2012 107800 65000 While Xavash was taking a gaze upon the stray ship spotted on their return trip, he and his allies spotted another ship far off in the distance. He flew on over to check till he heard the voices of the two green young Kray dragons. From then, They ambushed him and another sailor who was trying to warn him off. However, the two emerald dragons ambush and try to set up the ships freezing as xavash tries to save the sailor to no avail when the warmages came from below blasting them with ice attacks. His allies soon blow up the ship to stall it but end up realizing that there was a bomb down below guarded by cu-mian. Xavash burning the spells away on the barrier and trap spell, he ended up overburning the spells as it caused a massive explosion of ice and city damage out into emerald city where the resistance against Vorloi was held. However, after capturing her, resurrecting her to life again, and destroying one of Ra-Men's phylacteries… He saw an image of his true dragon mother with a huge adult true red dragon…the red dragon king.
13 Peace's shop 6-14-2012 -12000 Belt of Magnificence +6 (4 IRL day waiting period)
14 Merchant's casino v3 6-15-2012 5k Xavash had a moments time to take from his traveling to visit with light at the casino he's heard about at the time. However, durring his time there he not only had gotten unveiling details about his possible future, but also the fact that Ra-Men was at the casino trying to recruit Nathetail. Furious, he ponders as to WHY they were wanting her…
15 Character Upgrades 6-19-2012 -24500 +5 vest of resistance +1 vest of resistance (sold for half)
16 Continuum Unveils pt1 6-19-2012 40025 After getting visions of an island with an umbral egg in the making, he took the time to see the island himself running into Aegis there and some other members of the party. From there, he not only had to beat the daylights out of essence Reavers, but also hand the ass of a night terror back to itself to send it running along with the others.
17 Continuum Unveils pt2 6-20-2012 5436 All that can be said was going through the portal was one thing he didn't expect to be simple, nor did he expect to dive in deep waters tail fishing for abomination fish who was said to have swallowed an orb they were looking for.
18 Hunt for the orbs of dragon kind pt 3 6-20-2012 38400 11400 Green Dragon Orb With joining the others in facing against the green dragons, all xavash seemed to do was watch as the giant motley of people were taking out the masses of enemies in front of him. His temper was at his peak in wanting to slate the throats of the twin kray dragons, but soon unappeased as they managed to knock the two dragons unconcious before he could do so and retrieve the orb. However, it would seem his temper would go into greater lengths if such a feeling of anger in him didn't abate.
19 Terror of the endless Night 6-21-2012 61826 Xavash went on an exhibition into the negative energy plane with Aegis and Roc to get vengeance against Night terror. However, the fight proved more harsher than intended when unprepared. Xavash's internal energy began going chaotic and wild as he forced the dampening effects of soul shards energy away with bare willpower and opening a chance for aegis and roc to lash on with all their might and xavash dealing the final blow. However, he cannot stave the fact that something felt 'wrong' about the fight.
20 Children's Card Game II (Demonic Boogaloo) 6-21-2012 8787 4000 With the noteworthy oddity of passing by the sensation of energy that was manifested from the tower, he went on to investigate in thought it might end up being of ill use. After an exploration, demon hunt, and escape out of there, there was still a feeling of more left to be done. However, such a battle against overwhelming odds had gotten him capable of letting out the pent up sensations in his raging soul from doing so by luck.
21 Ice Capades 6-24-2012 7500 7250 Ring of elemental control (water breathing only) When summoned to aid Malmir with a matter at hand, he and saneme went to explore where the bodies went. His excavation to finding them lead to the realization Ra-Men had the remains of the crown relic contingented with spells to keep the ice from melting. After dispelling and then removing the crown, the ice would later begin to melt once again and he was able to return rewarded with the others.
22 Battle Royale of your Dreams 2 6-26-2012 55110 30000 Xavash awakens to find familiar faces in a dreamscape beyond his comprehendable imagination surrounding him. His bladed prowess beginning to wage war on the demonic entities within while many of his companions handled the tougher of crowding enemy armies within. His hellfire soaked body nearly kicking the early grave if it wasn't for nightmare and her healing prowess and guardian like personality protecting him. By the time the fight was over and the party released, Xavash kept that stare of twin eyes in his mind embedded for memory of who his captor was at the time…and how long it would take him in wonder to wring his claws around his throat for a chance at him…
23 Hunt for the Orbs of Dragon Kind pt 4 6-27-2012 22100 7393 When Xavash went with the others to interrogate the copper dragon hiree for the quests, they find that the copper dragons egg was taken by the unified phoenix and that gato's evil twin, atog, was the other warrior. When arriving, all xavash could do was end up under a heavy weight of guilt, and a pianoized Atog, while the others wailed upon it trying to rescue him again as before in the dream battle royale. Boiling with rage, and knowing his assumption of the last dragon orb is with the red dragon king…he takes flight on his own, having sworn into taking this matter personally… no rescues…no aide…no back up. It would either be his solo victory…or a premonition to his last stand out of angry insanity.
24 Upgrades 6-28-2012 -26400 Ring of Evasion, Anklet of Translocation 0 Xavash makes one last round into the markets for these items. As of late he's been loosing to his poor active dexterity…which he has to remedy here and now with all he can.
25 Rokugan Beckons! 6-29-2012 3500 0 Xavash takes up the request of joining lady nightmare on the expedition into the foreign eastern lands. Much as he seems to have gotten more familiar with her, and more curious about her, he appears all the more uninterested with the known man named 'gambler' and his infatuation with Ita's aid in a matter at hand that required scorpion clan attention. All he knows is that things are never always what they seem in the eastern realms of Rokugan.
26 Leftover RP business 6-30-2012 1000 0 It would appear that Xavash had stormed into the councils chambers at the time to try and convey being the one who goes alone on the quest for the red dragon orb. However, his time there spent showed he wasn't of proper mind to go after it without being under the influence of the red dragon orb. By then, he would also have made his choice to go alone…against the wishes of everyone out of rage.
27 Rokugan Beckons pt2 7-1-2012 23497 One Obligation On one of the travels through the rokugan lands doing an errand for Gambler, they ran into a hostile enemy of brigands who fail to really take down themselves rather than the party at hand thanks to Xavash's quick thinking and flaming draconic breath. When faced up against many a zombie at their destined location in ruins beneath ground level, they ran into the ever lucky DAIKI who had nearly out-spruced the party in question before being tail slapped into a prone state for nightmare to snap him out of it and trap him in emerald. Thanks to the efforts of all, the rabbit hengeyoukai were given new lease in life and obligations granted onto the party. One which Xavash plans to use later…
28 Liberation of Dragonport 7-4-2012 28320 Xavash took time to contemplate the outcome of the situation in his heart before returning to bring himself into joining the others in reclaiming dragonport. However, arashi's foreboding words were of great consequence to him as the mention of the void and Aegis's mention of the spiritual dragons to be reclaimed were of great concern. As the others went all out with breaking down ships of the opposing fleet, Xavash could only stare out onward into the dark and gaze with wonder about how the future of the world itself would be in these dark hours… and what his place in it would ever be in the end.
29 Visit to Peace 7-7-2012 -51000 Back order for Tome of Leadership and influence and a manual of quickness of action Xavash slugging his gold along at the time with peace's wares in eye sight as he placed his order down for such items of creation to be made. Deep down, he felt he was in quite a need for upgrading himself at the time.
30 Liberation of Dragonport 2 7-7-2012 362040 100000 Xavash working his hardest with the others, he manages a work of art with thinning down enemy ranks in the skies, mowing down many a soldier on the land, and slaying a beastial of tentacle might on the seas. When all hope was had, it was then when Ra-Men reared his ugly head and used the dead that have accumulated in the war of dragonport to make an army grand enough to rival even the Io blood isles. This was a plan that made Xavash grow more burned, and oddly fired up, than ever as something inside him just 'sparks' with rage and revenge. Back at the emerald Isles, he had gathered everyone up to make a final stand of retrieving the lost ones, getting the remaining orb, stealing the orbs back, and breaking every phylactery belonging to Ra-Men possible. But Xavash…being the heir to the red dragon orb…was most astranged indeed. However, as his last words would entice… 'If we can't save this world…then by damn we'll sure as hell avenge it…'.
31 Hunt for the orbs of dragon kind end 7-8-2012 188800 35000 At the time of after, it was there that all the people went on exploration into the library depths in dragonport to search for Ra-Men's fabled inspiration for the entire plot he had unveiled at the time. Discovery of reinacting AceRaks past attempts and manipulating the results in his favor, the group and xavash went to the red dragon king for one last confrontation. However, what would have been a bloody slaughter, ended with a heart felt redemption of xavash's own inner demons…and a sense of finally belonging once again in the world of the living. Now…He has to lead his group of hard hitting allies to gathering the Phylacteries one at a time and breaking each one with his draconic breath of flames given to him by his birth right…his heritage of origin… His long lost role…
32 Light's Redemption 7-9-2012 44,790 13300 When joining light on his redemption with his own past and his curse, he manages to see forth the sights of light kamigawa free himself from the opression of the oni…the inner conflict with himself…and the sight of his lover being taken away before him as she was freed. A bit of Xavash felt separate from it as he watches, seeing light with the redemption he was eager for…but at the price of having lost the hopes of having a family. It would also seem that xavash was more adamant on splitting Ra-Men's attention more than ever…as well as appreciative of Aegis having found information of a flower in Avalon that would be deadly to a lich if used as a poison. So now he stands firm with his choice of making this a split team effort.
33 Rokugan Plots: The Oracle-Descended Princess 7-10-2012 8750 0 Dragon Ioun Stone (one free resurrection, no level loss) While Xavash was in the rokugan lands guarding Nightmare again, he had ran into the sight of some suspicious rokuganies who were trying to threaten nightmare about the blessing of the oracle if she had gotten it. Scaring them off, they proceeded to the oracle while he sat watching nightmare skillfully answer all the oracles questions without faulter. With new information on a person of importance to speak to, the ascending phoenix, they take off with the blessings of the oracle and fitting ioun stones to go with them.
34 The lair of the Blood Lord 7-11-2012 192030 39500 When taking the task of going to Tenbury, they run their way into Wulfic and his band of lycanthropic followers protecting the lands. however, when Wulfic was dominated by Aegis to have his men stand down and retreat, the others went along uninhibited and making their way onward to the building of question. The blood mage of the tower spoke highly of his mentor while all Xavash would do was stare blankly while the others had found the weak point of the blood mages magic being in the heart phylactery that beats in the pool. It wasn't long till all hell broke loose within just 6 seconds before the half-dragons draconian fiery inheritance burns away at the blood and mucus and vaporizing it into the atmosphere above in weakening the others blood enemies. With a single freeze of ninas breath, and a capturing and beheading of the blood mage, Xavash puts an end to Ra-Mens heart leaving two more phylacteries left. However, his Flames of passion were questioned by Light in later moments as nightmare soon spoke of rushing her appointment with master gilgamesh after such a spectacle of her actions being ignored.
35 Phylacteries Phall 3 7-12-2012 0 100k When returning from his previous expedition, he ends up with a +100k worth of gold from an expedition others had undergone on his absence. The compensation being for his first work in the phylactery hunt.
36 The Shadow...And the Blade 7-12-2012 159051 0 Xavash was taken along for the ride on an exhibition into the realm of the other side with Ita on a quest to activate the Blade of SOULS. His last time encountering a similar model was one that used souls to drain the essence out of targets. It was a worrying thing, but the challenges that awaited within were of much more consequential build. As the others split up into scouting and guarding, Xavash was left to lead the offensive onto the castle itself with magical maladies and blazing trails that rendered many a target weak without even a chance for them to retaliate. Meanwhile, Ita sends a signal for help through him as he contacts the others on emergency before blazing his trail on in. With the aid of his overwhelming flames and the combined godly might of the others, the enemy of the competition was defeated, only to be revealed to be a young oni. Now the real question on xavash's mind from the fight is 'what is Ita going to do with a sword that can slay demi gods?'.
37 Eight-and-a-half-tails pt2 7-15-2012 186620 150000 Xavash had found himself being ported in at the time of need by nightmare and her quest for the final tail, though as he came around to the frost region where she resigned in her quest, he noticed she had already attained such a spectacle of a 9th tail but no divine aura. Having felt guilty for not being around at the last moment, he only offered his services for so far deep in as he blasted away ice towers, Knock down beasts, and slew a single white dragon in many a fire embedded blow. However, when it came to the final confrontation, he found himself having been fighting all this way in for the fact that nightmare was the one who was tricked by the ascended phoenix, who he now remembers to have been a past incarnation member of the phoenix mages. They manage to get compensation out of it and xavash wasn't sure if she had gotten the divinity she sought after. But when he did see it, his heart felt as if it just gave up. She was now above him in many aspects and was not even worth her time being with him, but it felt slightly rekindled when told otherwise affectionately by nightmare herself. As he promised, he knelt before her in that final moment, bowing in humility, and simply saying his final words in his lifetime. 'I want to believe…'. Those words were more than just a proclaim of his new faith … they were a message of confession to his emotions and his actual hopes of finding someone to be happy with for his whole life. Someone he would be proud to call his loved one … someone that wouldn't make him feel alone anymore. Only time will tell if he can ever find such a thing in life in this or the next at this hour of need.
38 Temple Purging 7-18-2012 50000 50000 Xavash had taken Aegis along with him to the visiting sight of the temple he helped purge with the assistance of Mara and Rosa. However, arriving there he had seen that Mara and rosa had been able to handle purifying and making it more useful for their own tastes at the time. Mara spoke of being able to summon the demons who escaped being purged as Xavash came claiming he wanted to gain more power. When the three Pit fiends came out at that final time, Xavash had that fiery look in his eyes that spoke of purpose. His Protective wing guarding around all 3 of his allies along with himself as he took quite the brunt of the dmg. Yet when he saw Mara and Rosa using their skill together, they ended up vanishing once and for all in a fog like mist that left leaving two new beings in its place that argue about the mention of Kane for some reason. They vanish soon after instead of staying to fight as Aegis manages to spell bind blast one of the Pit fiends into a weak enough state to devour into her system. Xavash had to bring his full fury into the last one to weaken enough till he ended up pushing his arcane might and fury past and beyond the normality that was possible. from there, his body felt completely weakened if it were not for his regenerative magical instinct. His body managing to guard against one ill fate while struck with another by the second pit fiend, all till he swung back killing one as Aegis manages to take out the other at the last bit. He lay there, weak and in ache as he had tired his body beyond his limits in that one fight of survival. From there, he felt the world become bleak before dozing off into restoration that would prove to be a more…if not…surprising side effect of his strain.
39 The Dreaded Isles 7-18-2012 80500 23400 Xavash had arrived with quite the injuries on him from his last endeavor, having to join the rest on the dreaded isles to get after the last phylactery. On arrival, he had been benched for the few bouts around till they reached Kazerabet, follower of a lich long since past who had been held captive by Ra-Men as a trump card to leave a dilemma. However, as the lichess shown the heroes the fallen hero ghosts to beat to destroy the phylactery, Light ends up slaying her with one fell swoop, sending her spirit as prisoner to Ra-Men and leaving the party one more enemy to worry about. Without any waste, His heritage of scaled might fumes in altering his form into full dragon status as he aides in combat against the fallen hero ghosts before Aegis resurrects them after defeat as new allies for the cause against Ra-Men. However, now Xavash questions Light's capabilities as a warrior if his actions did more harm than anything Xavash himself would have done recklessly.
40 Return to the great Unknown 7-22-2012 285000 Xavash joins our adventurers into the delve of the hives as they go to retrieve the legendary Ivar heavychain. However, on entry in, they run into Tormented ones and Behemoths warped by some strange anomally within that were no match for the groups mighty power and xavash's 'golf swing' tail. Upon reaching the holding container of what was believed to be Ivar, he watches Aegis try to communicate only to set off an alarm that unleashes a molten powerful copy of Ivar in maximum form slashing his way into xavash with little effort. Only by being saved by night and her anti-magic field did the thing dissolve, only to leave xavash to question what would have made such a thing.
41 Return to the great unknown pt2 7-23-2012 450000 0 While delving onward, Xavash and the others went further on into the deep den at the expense of the numerous types of constructs preventing the way. With vengeful burning of their protections and a lashing at their carcasses by the others, they manage to quell the threat and earn more information on the situation with Ivar in and of itself. It wasn't till xavash took notice of the others and he ending up taken into the negative energy plane where things were about to get even more situational.
42 The Shackled Monarch 8-1-2012 319400 Xavash's involvement was minimal at best compared to the acts of the others in such a way. His best acts of braver in knocking down constructs and disarming magical traps was a pale in comparison to the might and magic that the others had invested. When it came down to the fight with saving Ivar and facing a false void in xavash's opinion, his best abilities were down the road of self inflicted sacrifice and strain in using his full potential over and over to match up to everyones might. By the time the fight was over, all xavash could do was stare in silence at the falling of the enemy, and the return to their world, as well as ponder it all down to the thought of 'something was wrong' again.
43 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 1 8-4-2012 700000 43000 Xavash had to bring himself to steele with his fears of the fight, though his fiery passion grew all the more so when he thought about it in the end. Taking the resolve, he took into force forward into the fray, fighting head long into the molten splash and spray of undead attacks coming and going around him without any end as the battle still goes on…
44 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 2 8-5-2012 243000 74000 Xavash had continued his escapade onward into the depths of the war with the others, only to see Ra-Men booking it into the nexus of souls to reach the dragonheart. When entering in with the others, He had to face up against pathetic reminiscences of the past one by one which were stalling them from Ra-Men breaking the Dragonheart.
45 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 3 8-6-2012 23400 12350 Xavash had taken no consideration in the thought of the others mentalities at the time, gazing on with unemotional flames burning in his heart while they blaze their trail on forward. However, his thoughts drift and stray along with the continuing conflict which grew onward as it did.
46 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 4 8-7-2012 242280 55000
47 The Final Battle Against Ra-men part 5 8-8-2012 86380 25400
48 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 6 8-9-2012 342700 100000
49 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 8 8-11-2012 140770 28000
50 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 9 8-12-2012 105310 20000
51 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 10 8-13-2012 166400 62000
52 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 11 8-14-2012 282800 89000
53 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 12 8-16-2012 93810 48000
54 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 13 8-17-2012 105000 59000
55 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 14 8-18-2012 2215000 300000
56 A strange Exchange. 8-31-2012 -175k Copy of the dragon heritage book. Xavash was on his own in a cave not far from dragonport, laying in wealth a dragon would call home. However, one day, Bayushi Ita came into the den beyond xavash's sight and made an offer for a book that was copied from the tome of dragon bloodlines. He was coaxed into the purchase while xavash was apprehensive of it, but it was also told that it had the name of the next in line that would have inherited the red dragon orb. Peaked by that one curiosity alone, xavash had given a fractional fortune from his stash to him in exchange for it, as he ended up discovering that the tome itself … had xavash listed as the next in line. Lucky to have taken the only known copy, he had kept it in his pile deep beneath it having given up the right of the red dragon orb before for the sake of his new family being alive.
57 The Sublime Way part 2 10-5-2012 85960 Xavash had gone out from his long years of hibernation from action only to end up thrusted again by fate into another ongoing conflict. From there, he met up with Kilroy and Kamigawa, two likely people he didn't want to end up meeting with so soon. Demons and Devils at war in the hell layers as he learns that kamigawa is looking for the secret of the 10 fold way.
58 The Sublime Way Part 3 12-28-2012 Abyss Crystal Xavash and the rest had to move onward through the void before ending up running into mathias at the time. Xavash didn't like his militarial attitude but felt a bit of pride when he showed off to the small man who had his own might presumably. But, on the way to the destination on finding the others of mathias's regiment, they had a run in with some elementals and demons duking it out while Light had pointed out the sight of a gem that was in a lava pool. Tagging with Juliet, he manages to sunder the chains binding it and keep it from other hands wanting it.
59 | Epilogue (1) 10-03-2013 2000 Xavash had taken his last stand with ra-men in stride. Though having not taken any account as to feel it warranted being proud of it, his visit to the red dragon king had given him a different direction to go onto.
60 Epilogues Part 2 10-08-2013 59500 Xavash had taken it upon himself to look into the alligations of the blackrock clan wanting back in. He was not able to realize he was lead around by the nose until the red dragon king had specified that he had done so to assure his seat and the death of the blackrock clan. Xavash and syrius were able to stop the whole thing, but how long will it take for xavash to stave his anger…?
61 Epilogues Part 3 10-17-2013 143000 Xavash went onward beyond reasoning towards the red dragon king head on scaring off the rest from the Council Aerie only to be blasted with powerful magic in one fell swoop of a turn. When his heart stopped beating, he became inert until the Unified Phoenix came forth to him in his afterlife with word of a path that would lead towards stopping the end of the world. With renewed life, he began his journey by sending word to the council about his existance, and his mother that he will be able to return in 3 years time…
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