Wurmling Pewey

Race: Dragon Heart spirit
Class: ?????
Alignment: LN (good tendencies)

Description: This little guy is thought to be Melville Pewey. He only appears in The Floating Library and only to a select few. He appears to be a white kitten with wings.

Due to the recent rise of Ra-men Pewey has transferred his essence into a soul meld. The soul meld is said to instruct the user in the ways of namer magic and link the bearer to the Dragon Heart.

# Adventure Date Actions
1 tad-martin Gave Baltasar Malich the Greater Demi Liches book
2 Rydia the Knowledge Buster 11-9-2011 Gave draco a dire warning and gave gifts
3 Get Down Owl 11-10-2011 Played with Sidhe Spellweaver and Baltasar Malich on the book shelves.
4 Pewey's Slumber Party 4-21-2012 Told the adventurers a little bit about the Greater Demi Liches book and the phylacteries.
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