Wukong The Monkey King

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Player: Midnight
Race: Anthropomorphic Ape
Class: Wuxian-Sage 8
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Appearance: A Human sized Ape with a thing for Jade and Dragons

Personality: He is nice. Doing things for the right reasons but is a bit of a trickster which alienates his allies and friends.

Background: Not much is known from Wukong's background. It is said he was born from the stone in the Great Gnarl. Though this is untrue even if he hints that it is. He was actually born from a woman's strange fetish's of apes. She left hits monkey kid in a cave in the mountains as to not have it linked to her. Wukong grew up with other animals and humanoids there turning kindness into survival. As it happened he needed to defend himself and made his own fighting style that focuses the mind and the prowness of the body. He taught this style to the School of Stone after a while where it became the Wuxian Sage Mountain Style. Other then that He travels the world righting wrongs and playing tricks on people.

Membership: none

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 10-2-2011 0 0 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) 10-2-2011 0 0 Backpack; Bedroll; Blanket, Winter; Clothing, Cold-Weather Outfit; Flint and steel; Rope, silk (50 ft.) Doesn't keep money on him.
3 Dustomancy Tabernacle Style! 5/5/2012 2530 0 Killed a bunch of dust bunnies.
4 City of Avalon 5/6/2012 1725 Was given a job to investigate a lich that seemed to be good. Upon breaking into his old home he had spells for controlling a town he was trying to rule legally.
5 Clunky chaos 5/8/2012 1870 0 Found and fought a bunch of constructs
6 Cu Mian's Lair 5/10/2012 14625 0 Came upon a broken down castle full of undead. The undead were commanded by a little girl. Undead distroyed but she escaped.
7 The Io's Blood Isles P3 5/16/2012 24,000 0 Went after fire giants. Attacked their stronghold and got the relics back. A member of the party fought the leader and won giving us the 3 dragon orbs.
8 [[[calendar:827 | Into the Depths (part2) 12/14/2013 7680 0 Dived into some corrupted caves before battling a crystal golem and then broke open some pinatas
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