Worldthought Feats

World thought Sidekick [Psionic]

Sometimes, the best heroic action is to let someone else be the hero.
Prequisite: World thought Network or Collective
Benefit: You can give an action point from your action point pool to a member of your worldthought network.
Normal: World thought network can pass certain psionic powers, and healing, but not APs.

World thought Widen [Psionic]

Expansion.. its not just a psychic warrior power, it can expand your mind
Prequisite: Worldthought Network or Collective
Benefit: You move one step up on the world thought network.. For example, a lvl 3 Worldthought medic would get medium range for the network.
Normal: Limited by level.

Rapid Mystic Echo [Psionic]

Reverberations… echo more fiercely.
Prequisite: Mystic Echo or Echo Effect
Benefit: You can use your mystic echo ability as a move action.
Normal: Standard action

Network Augmentation [Metapsionic]

You are good at making powers work through the network
Prequisite: Worldthought Network or Collective
Benefit: For an additional 2 pp, you can make any power gain the Network descriptor.
Normal: Powers only labelled with the network descriptor can be used through the world thought network.

Martyr of the Network [Psionic]

Sometimes, you just want to take the blow, spell, power for another person
Prequisite: Worldthought Network or Collective
Benefit: As an immediate reaction, a person of the same network may absorb half the damage from any source from another person of the network. Much like share pain, this damage is untyped afterwards, and can not be reduced by damage reduction. Additionally, a person of the same network could absorb the negative effects of a failed save as an immediate action. They must be a valid target of the effect, for example, a warforged could not absorb a poison effect for an ally.

Echo Exemplar [Psionic]

Imitation is the highest form of flattery
Prequisite: At least 5 lvls in a network manifesting class.
Benefit: You gain the echo effect ability normally gained at 8th lvl in your respective class and may use it 1/rd as a swift action. Special: You may also expend your focus to effect another target with your echo ability.
Normal: Limited by level.

Anyone with the worldthought network, or collective ability may optionally not turn on their telepathy connection.

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