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Player: The Woo
Race: Ghost
Class: Tactician
Alignment: NG

Appearance: As pic.

Personality: A bit happy go lucky, serious at times, and silly. Yan seeks to experience everything as a ghost who can't experience the simpler things in life. Such as sunlight, the warmth of someone's touch, happy memories in general. This means among other things she loves to link up mentally to share emotions or memories with others via her collective powers.

Yan is also a prankster to the extreme, and an inappropriate one to boot, she likes to introduce herself as your dead daughter that's haunting you a lot of times for various reactions. Or to appear out of a person's clothing, item, or even if allowed, hitchhiking in their body. Of course, as a prankster, its all for fun, just more extreme due to her race.

Internally though, Yan struggles with the fact she has no place in the world. As a ghost, she can't exactly figure out what needs to be done to put her to rest permanently, nor does she really want it to happen as she enjoys the company of others too much to let go. In addition, with her lack of focus, she copies other abilities rather than developing just her own, which compounds the issue of a person with no goals or ambition besides to make others laugh or play jokes on them.

Still, cover up aside with her happiness on the outside, she enjoys every moment she gets to hang out with her friends.

Background: TBA

Quotes: "Helllooo~ I'm your deaaadd daaughhteeerrr~ OooooOOO~"


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