Wiki Updates XP/RP/sparring XP
  • Setting work
  • 50 XP for one npc/location/organization/item of note page update, (basically one new entry in the 'appearances' table)
  • 150 XP per chat log done
  • 250 XP per (FULLY made) location/organization page made from the scratch
  • 125 XP per NPC-page made from the scratch
  • 100 XP per summary done

Addendum: If you level using Wiki XP you get WBL.

Each use of wiki-work XP must be noted in the affected character's log !

Roleplaying - Interacting with another player grants 75 xp/half hour of RP. Smaller increments are rounded off (always round down). When in this mode, you may not "roll" anything or force others to "roll" anything unless you both agree to spar (see below). This means among other things, you can recover from being charmed, dominated, etc from a spar or any skill check used against you.
Sparring - You get 100 xp per level of the opponent that you beat. If you lose, you gain 50 xp per level of the person you lost too. You may spar the same character more than once in a 24 hour real life period, but do NOT gain any more xp. Sparring is agreed on by both parties OOC before occurring, by default you recover from any negative effects you perceive for your character, hp loss, death, being charmed, etc. Finally, sparring xp is capped at 2000 xp for every 24 real life hours.

All instances of RP/Sparring must be properly codified into the wiki - similarly to the way adventures are added/updated.

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