Wheel Of Adventure


The Wheel of Adventure was a game designed to bring more money to the Dryad Inn. The game proceeds as follows:

  • Donald Xavier selects a participant to spin the wheel.
  • Depending on the resulting number, you can get either a two-person challenge, a difficult challenge for all participants, a skill and thought-based challenge or a standard challenge.
  • Lady Magic summons some monsters relevant to the challenge and explains the challenge to the participant (usually defeat all the summoned monsters, except for the skill challenges).
  • Once the challenge is completed, the participant returns to the wheel, someone else is selected to spin the wheel and the process repeats.

Despite the game's formulaic nature, it can still be entertaining for people who have little else to do at the moment.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Wheel of Adventure Part 1 11-30-2012 The game was run for the first time.
2 Wheel of Adventure Part 2 12-01-2012 Another round of the game.
3 Wheel of Adventure Part 3 12-02-2012 Two challenge rounds.
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