What Is Black Marches?

Black Marches is a multi-GM, sandbox Pathfinder game, set primarily in the area of a southern continent bordering the ocean named "The Black Marches".

Black Marches works by having GMs advertise Adventures they plan to run, the GM and players showing up in a virtual tabletop of your choice (we recommend Roll20 or MapTool, and then the GM and players detailing their adventures on this wiki.

The rules for Black Marches are decided upon by the Black Marches Council, who are elected by the players. The council works to ensure the game remains fun and playable for everyone, reviewing content and setting up rules to maintain Black Marches.

Black Marches is intended to allow a continuous stream of new GMs and players to share, build, and adventure in an evolving campaign- and to allow the campaign and game adapt to the needs of its players.

Black Marches is based around the Pathfinder Role Playing Game, with a few other resources. Check out our house rules for more details.

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