Western Ravens Office


A clean and pristine Office that belongs to the Gambler's group known as the Western Ravens.
It is a neat and organized place where the man himself organizes both his workers and his maids as well as clients to various tasks.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan beckons ! 06-29-2012 The party made a deal with the Gambler there.
2 Rokugan beckons (part2) 07-01-2012 The place of planning for the would-be venture, as per contract that obliged the team to do so..
3 Foxy Gambit 07-05-2012 Visited by Nightmare at night as requested by the Gambler (in order to make the detection of would-be eavesdroppers easier). The latter gave the fox his 'blessing' for the task she seeks to achieve.
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