water log

DMSoft: *The sun is going down in swampside. You are all in "Conte's Tavern", a dive compared to the water dragon inn. Recent events in the serprent mire include the emergence of the dragon slayers, who are doing battle with local lizard man tribes and kobolds. It is speculated that they are searching for a black dragon who has been harrassing swampside as of late. In other news, wells in swampside have been going dry. The reason for this is as of yet unknown.*
Tai: I will be roughtly 10 minutes
Li Fong enters the tavern
DMSoft: "What do you want to drink?"-Hank the barkeeper asks Li Fong
DMSoft: "We have ale, but no water…."-hank
Roc comes in. Since there will be many of both reptillians and reptillian-killers, he watches his back.
Li Fong: "I don't drink alcohol."
DMSoft: *hank looks at roc*
DMSoft: "Ah, come to get away from dragon slayers?"-hank
Li Fong has a seat
Mekoti huddles in her cloak, unlit cigar gripped between her teeth, scanning the entering persons warily from under her hood. The device is not the best disguise.
DMSoft: "that's too bad lad, here, try some ale tea."-hank to li
Gato enters the tavern
Roc: "Partly."
DMSoft: "oh, what's this then?"-hank to gato
Li Fong suspiciously tastes the tea
Gato strikes a silly pose (akin to those sentai guys)
DMSoft: "are you with the dragon slayers then?"-hank to gato
Gato: "Dragon Slayers ?"
Gato: "They do not like… DRAGONS… I guess"
Beau (enter): 20:01
Mekoti raises a claw in slight wave to Roc.
Gato: "I am brilliant aren't I ?"
DMSoft: "I just figured an automiton is something they would have."-hank
Gato strikes even silier pose
DMSoft: "do you want to buy something?"-Hank to anyone who's not buying something
Gato: "They shall enjoy my glorious voice !"
Roc nods slightly at Mekoti, then sits down at another table.
Gato finally notices Mekoti
Gato closes in
Gato stares at the kobold
Mekoti: "Tch… you again. Hey."
Mekoti looks up at the warforged.
Gato: "Have you ascended …. already ?"
DMSoft: "Damn this well being dry…gonna have to hire someone to take a look at it."-hank to himself
Mekoti: "Nah, claws are firmly in the dirt."
DMSoft: "Hank, is your well dry too?"-patron to hank
Gato: "…"
Gato: "Do you have a familiar… you are a M-A-G-I-C-I-A-N aren't ya ?"
DMSoft: *the bar is abuze with folk talking about lack of water in swampside*
Mekoti: "I'm a medic."
Gato: (gato has no ranks in psicraft so thats his assumption)
Beau (exit): 20:05
Gato: "Then… CHARGE ME" - says in a low voice with a strange accent
DMSoft: *perception checks*
Mekoti looks at the warforged blankly then around at the rest of the bar.
Gato: Skills: Perception [1d20-4] => [9,-4] = (5)
Mekoti: [1d20+5] => [3,5] = (8)
Roc: Perception: [1d20+8] => [19,8] = (27)
Gato: "We shall take their banner then !"
Gato: "And get points !"
DMSoft: *roc sees a small bug go by on the floor*
Li Fong: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [12,11] = (23)
DMSoft: *li sees the same bug*
Li Fong tries to catch the bug
Gato: "Beware those who breath fire though… they tend to check if you are not … a SPY !"
DMSoft: (attack roll li)
Roc watches the bug, not sure if it will do something.
Gato: "Or a crab"
Li Fong: Attacks:
DMSoft: (roc can see it's a tiny man shaped bug)
Li Fong: ((crap))
Gato: (ermm your macro did not work)
Li Fong: Attacks: Unarmed strike [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22) dmg [1d3] => [3] = (3)
Li Fong: ((sorry bout that))
DMSoft: (li hits it and a tiny scream is heard)
DMSoft: (it stops moving)
Gato: "If it is a crab…. you have to strike its weak point…for MASSIVE DAMAGE !"
Li Fong examines it
Gato: "For 599 Dragonport gold pieces"
Mekoti turns her attention away from the warforged. "Fine I'll get an ale … small one… think I may be needing it." She pays only minimal attention to the human smashing the bug.
DMSoft: *it appears to be a piece of tea, in the shape of a man*
Li Fong: "Strange"
Gato: (cookies for reference guys :P)
Roc: (Sony?)
Gato: (thats one :P)
Gato: (there were more… but lets move to whispers about it kk ?)
DMSoft: "thanks for taking care of that thing."-hank to li
DMSoft: "been getting bugs in here recently."-hank
Mekoti trots over to stretch and place a couple copper on the bar.
Mistress Xantria (enter): 20:09
Roc: (What's on the menu?)
Li Fong: "You have seen many of these things?'
DMSoft: (exciting things like chicken and donkey)
Mistress Xantria (exit): 20:10
DMSoft: "they're hard to catch. I tried smashing a few"-hank
Roc: (How much for a chicken?)
DMSoft: (1 cp, but it's a sickly chicken)
Roc: (I'll pass.)
DMSoft: "yeah, those are some fast bugs."-hank
Mekoti: So erm, you got an ale?
Gato: "Pet rocks are the best way to get rid of them" - whispers to Mekoti
Li Fong returns to his seat and sits quietly
Mekoti glances down briefly at her bracelet.
DMSoft: "yes, 1 cp"-hank
Mekoti: Alright… gimme ale and chicken. Two coppers up there.
DMSoft: *hank begins pouring ales and getting chicken*
Gato: "Do you taste like a chicken ?" - to Mekoti
Mekoti: "Maybe."
Vivi enters the tavern looking around at everyone warily, then makes her way up to the barkeep "Hi!" she says with a bright smile… "can I eat?"
DMSoft: "I'd pay 10 gp if someone would get my well back up and running"-patron
DMSoft: *the tavern is again abuzz with people talking about how much they'll pay to get their water back on*
Mekoti turns to Hank. "So where's your well?"
Gato ponders a little bit
DMSoft: *Hank comes up to vivi and says "we got chicken and ale."*
Mekoti turns, rather, in the direction she thinks he is
Vivi nods
Vivi: "Yes please, and thank you"
DMSoft: "It's out back, it's a shared well like most around here."-hank to mekoti
Roc asks the nearest person who mentioned their well, "How long has that been going on?"
DMSoft: *hank gets vivi some food and ale for 2 cp*
DMSoft: "About a week now"-patron to roc
Roc: "Anything else happen last week?"
Mekoti awaits her order
Vivi munches down on the chicken, then sips the ale… and spits it out all over the bar
DMSoft: "Well, the dragon slayers arrived."-patron
Mekoti backpedals a bit.
DMSoft: *anyone who ordered gets their stuff*
Vivi: "Gah, that is… horrible, evil, a vile concotion!"
Roc: "…thanks. I'll…keep that in mid."
Roc: *mind
Gato: "We will need to hire HIM… the one who has battled dragons… and… has eaten shrooms to grow up…. and…. jumped over 10 feets straigh up !" - to Mekoti
Mekoti takes her order and retreats to a back table, musingly beginning to shape ectoplasm and alternating sips.
Gato: "He also spits fire when he eats… that fire flower-like thing"
Mekoti: "The who?"
Gato: "What was his name >_>"
DMSoft: *the bar is starting a tally to see how much they can pay someone to fix the problem…soon all of swampside is in on it.*
Mekoti: "I'm going to try ascending to descend and look into that well if I can…"
Gato tries to recall the name of that mysterious persona
DMSoft: *hank posts on his board that the reward is 2000 gp to fix the wells*
Gato fails miserably
Mekoti: ( [1d20+14] => [5,14] = (19) craft: poison )
Mekoti mutters as the ectoplasm falls to pieces and evaporates.
Vivi leans in to Gato "hi.."
Gato: "Hi welcome"
Gato: "Beat me up and earn 15 silver points !"
Vivi: "are you a talking suit of armor?"
DMSoft: "now we just have to wait for some adventurers to climb down the well and fix it."-hank to himself
Vivi smiles innocently
Gato: "I am not an armor"
Li Fong: "I will look in your well."
Gato: "I am Gato"
Vivi: "why would i beat you up?"
Mekoti tries again, pulling strands of ectoplasm in during the next minute. [1d20+14] => [6,14] = (20) poisoncrafting
Gato strikes a ridiculous pose
Vivi: "what is a gato?"
Gato: "Thats my ID"
Mekoti swats the table with annoyance. "Blast it."
Gato: "Gato 1"
Vivi: "whats an i.d. ?"
Gato: "Eddie should be somewhere around"
DMSoft: "thank you kind sir"-hank to li
Li Fong: brb
Gato: "But he's gone"
Vivi: "you're funny metal man"
Gato: "Heard that we was hanging around a tentacle monster"
Gato: *he
Vivi: "so I am here to help, who is in trouble?"
Gato: "The Brawler… or the Slayer of Jets !"
DMSoft: *hank goes to look out the window*
Gato: "A well"
Mekoti suddenly realizes she's doing the wrong thing.
DMSoft: "oh no, dragon slayers."-hank
Mekoti: "Wait… I already got it. I'll go check out the well too."
Vivi: "a well is in trouble? did someone fall down it?"
Mekoti: "Err or hide."
DMSoft: "anyone who's dragon has to leave"-hank
Gato follows Sidhe
Mekoti gets up to move with alacrity out the back. And Gato has difficulty.
DMSoft: "shoo shoo, get on out the back"-hank to dragonbloods and kobolds
Gato: "I have a strength of a dragon, heart of a lion and swiftness of an eagle… so I count !"
Roc hears Hank and follows Mekoti.
Li Fong: ((back, sorry the baby got pissed))
Vivi follows gato "where are you going?"
Li Fong goes out to look down the well
Gato: "Gods themselves envy my hour of glory !"
Mekoti switches her cigar for a different as she flees out the back, fumbling for her strike kit.
DMSoft: *the well is conviently in the back*
Vivi: "ooh, is that where the baby fell?"
DMSoft: "oh no, there were no dragons in here sir."-hank can be heard loudly
Li Fong: "I don't know anything about a baby. Can you see down there?"
Li Fong peers down into the well
Gato starts standing on his head and tries to perform an exotic looking dance
DMSoft: *it is dark now, about 7pmish*
Vivi looks down the well
Gato: Skills: Perform (dance) [1d20+5] => [14,5] = (19)
Vivi: "I see dark"
Mekoti gestures to kobolds. "On me quickly, get down the well." She lights her cigar and a strange colored smoke curls from it.
DMSoft: *anyone with darkvision can see there is no water*
Gato: "I see… everything !"
Roc runs after her.
Gato: (I have both darkvision and low-light vision)
DMSoft: *the well is eep and has a rope and bucket*
Gato follows the rest while spinning on his head
Gato stops spinnig on his head
DMSoft: *it is wide enough for all the pcs to fit down if they so choose
Gato: *spinning
DMSoft: (perception checks)
Li Fong: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [15,11] = (26)
Gato: Skills: Perception [1d20-4] => [15,-4] = (11)
Vivi: [1d20-3] => [9,-3] = (6)
Roc: (For the people who followed Mekoti, or the ones at the bar?)
Mekoti: [1d20+5] => [11,5] = (16)
Roc: Perception: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23)
DMSoft: (anyone 10 or over can hear armored people moving from inside the tavern towards you guys)
Mekoti takes Roc's arm and jumps in, blowing the levitate effect over him and pulling herself down the rope with other hand.
Li Fong descends the rope
Gato descends the rope
Mekoti seeks to keep him and her close in contact with the smoke so no sudden fall for them. but descends swifter than a climb check she'd fail.
DMSoft: *at the bottom of the well is an intricate tunnel*
DMSoft: *it seems to have been man made, an underwater aquafer
DMSoft: *the well goes off into 4 directions*
Li Fong: "Hmm."
Mekoti extinguishes the cigar on reaching the bottom, before the smoke can reach any non-scaled one to dangerous extent, and slips off to the east.
Vivi climbs down after everyone "it feels like dark in here.."
Gato: "I can see"
Gato: "Why can't you ?"
DMSoft: *it is dark, you hear people above taking about detecting dragonbloods*
Mekoti: "Don't linger.
Vivi: "I am not a metal man!"
Roc lifts his sundark goggles so he can see in the dark.
Gato: "I am not into metal"
DMSoft: "did you hear something?"-dragon slayer
Mekoti does this on an afterthought.
Li Fong: ((does anything distinguish any of the 4 paths down there))
Mekoti: ((I went down the east one))
Li Fong: [1d6] => [6] = (6)
DMSoft: "I thought I heard someone say not a metal man"-dragonslayer
Li Fong: ((sorry))
Gato is silent
Li Fong follows mekoti for lack of a better idea
DMSoft: (li, they are all the same)
Gato: (a rare occurence indeed)
Roc then decides to follow Mekoti down her path. He pulls out both his revolvers and keeps a lookout for hostile targets.
Gato follows Mekoti
Vivi looks to gato
Gato Gato extends his claws
Vivi: "shhh…" and follows him
DMSoft: *Mekoti determines that the east one must lead to the swamp*
Vivi: "why are we playing hide and seek with those men?" whispering
DMSoft: *you pass well buckets on ropes as you continue down the path*
DMSoft: *you see a water mark on the walls*
Mekoti: *mutters* "They want to kill me I heard."
Gato: "They want to kill me too"
Vivi: "Why kill you lizard-person?"
Gato: "I have a strength of a dragon after all"
Roc tries not to say anything, but keeps looking around.
Gato: "She is not a LIZARD"
Gato: "She can ascend to godhood… in no time"
Vivi shrugs to gato
DMSoft: *eventually you see the tunnel starts going up*
Gato strikes a dramatic pose
Mekoti lets Gato argue her side, however nonsensically, and continues on
Vivi mimic's gatos pose
Gato: (good luck with that… he has an autotuner embedded)
Roc follows Mekoti again.
Gato: (masterwork tool of perform (sing( :P)
DMSoft: *you come out into the serpent mire*
Vivi: (lol)
DMSoft: *it's dry and dead around here. Like water has been cut off*
DMSoft: *you hear a voice*
Li Fong looks around
Gato: "OHH Mekoti ! Find the thing that created those snake people !"
Mekoti looks towards the voice.
DMSoft: "Dragon Slayers have claimed this area, stay away"
Gato: "Thats the path to the ascension…"
DMSoft: *it comes from all directions*
Vivi looks around "hello?"
Gato: "Hi, I am Gato" - tries to respond
DMSoft: (perception checks)
Roc alternates aiming at every possible path.
Vivi: [1d20-7] => [19,-7] = (12)
Li Fong: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [15,11] = (26)
Gato: Skills: Perception [1d20-4] => [18,-4] = (14)
Roc: Perception: [1d20+9] => [13,9] = (22)
Mekoti shivers nervously and backs towards the well. [1d20+5] => [5,5] = (10)
DMSoft: [1d20+7] => [14,7] = (21)
Gato follows Mekoti
Gato: (for no apparent reason)
DMSoft: *roc and li fong hear noises over the warning*
Li Fong listens carefully
DMSoft: "we kill them good"-draconic voices are heard
Vivi continues to look around blank-faced
DMSoft: *a kobold is seen waving his arms as if signaling*
DMSoft: "dragon slayers must die!"-the kobold screams
Gato: (can we all hear the scream)
Gato: (?)
DMSoft: (yup)
Li Fong: "Excuse me?"
DMSoft: (he's just 40' from you yelling)
Vivi screams back "ahhh!"
Roc readies an action. (Whispering…)
DMSoft: "you dragon slayers, go away!"-kobold
Mekoti: *yips in draconic* "Yes! Dragonslayers should die. We flee them!"
DMSoft: *the kobold starts loading a sling*
Li Fong: "I am no slayer of dragons."
Vivi lifts her arm up in defense, shielding her face "dont hurt me-im no dragons slayer!"
DMSoft: "you are a dragon slayer!"-kobold
Gato: "Hi, ,welcome"
Gato strikes a ridiculous pose
Gato starts standing on his head
DMSoft: (the kobolds starts whirling his sling, but doesn't release)
Gato: "My perception is supreme NOW !"
Mekoti: "Why do you think that?"
Vivi hides behind gato, leaning out slightly "hi"
DMSoft: "you go back to hick town!"-kobold
Mekoti: "It is full of dragonslayers. They will kill us."
DMSoft: "you kobold?"-kobold to mekoti
Gato: 'Mekoti ? Repeat after me…. Pazuzu… Pazu… ah nevermind"
Mekoti: "Yes!" *still draconic speaking*
Li Fong: "Don't do something you would regret."
DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [6,2] = (8)
Gato stands up
DMSoft: (he doesn't seem to be able to make you out)
Mekoti steps forward then.
Vivi: "we mean no harm mr lizardman!"
Vivi: (diplomacy?)
DMSoft: [1d20+10] => [18,10] = (28)
DMSoft: [2d6] => [3,3] = (6)
DMSoft: you hit a tripwire mekoti
DMSoft: "oh no, kobold set off trap!"-kobold
Gato: "Why are you on the ground koboldess ?"
DMSoft: "We so sorry!"-kobold to mekoti
Gato inspects the scene
Mekoti: (so… explain what happened to me? is that damage? am I tripped?)
Vivi: "you ok little guy?"
DMSoft: (you just take 6 damage)
DMSoft: (tripwire trap)
Gato: (ahh sorry thought it was also a trip)
DMSoft: *the kobold rushes up to mekoti*
Mekoti is looking battered. "Gr… you trapped well, would need a guide." *draconic*
Li Fong moves to help up mekoti
DMSoft: "we so sorry."-kobold
Gato: "They sound funny" - Gato does not have Draconic
DMSoft: *7 kobolds step out of their hidding spots*
Vivi leans over to gato "are they happy or mean?"
Gato ponders a while after hearing the question
DMSoft: "you not good at being kobold."-kobold bait to mekoti
Vivi: (does mekoti look injured?)
Mekoti: (yes, 6/7 damage)
Mekoti: "No, your traps are just better."
Gato: "Does it make a difference ? They cannot sway from the fabulous voice of MINE !"
Gato adjusts his autotuner
DMSoft: "we ambush dragon slayers"-kobold
Li Fong: "Do you know where the water went?"
DMSoft: "we sure you dragon slayers, come out of hole."-kobold
Vivi approaches the kobolds cautiously "do you need me to fix your boo boo?"
Roc: "Yeah, they're actually chasing us right now."
DMSoft: "we no care, we no live here."-kobold
Li Fong: "I will not say again, we are not dragon slayers."
Gato: "
Gato: "They want to hear my voice THAT badly ?"
Li Fong cracks his knuckles
DMSoft: "probably lizards, they fight dragon slayers with tricks."-kobold
Mekoti: "Guide us around the traps, back to ambush, they might follow."
Gato: "I feel so flattered…"
DMSoft: "that was only trap…we sure to get more than one."-kobold
DMSoft: *the kobolds start moving into the tunnel*
DMSoft: "we get them for you."-kobolds
Mekoti looks to Vivi "Can treat it myself…. with time… not sure we have."
DMSoft: *the kobolds leave having claimed you set off the only trap*
Gato: "Oh you got a stroke !" - comments Mekotis wounds
Vivi hums a soft tune, resting her hands on the kobold "there ya go.." CLW 1d8+1]
Vivi: [1d8+1] => [7,1] = (8)
Gato observes the act of healing carefully
Mekoti sighs with relief as her wounds seal. "Thanks."
Mekoti: "Should go help, or set off their other traps?"
DMSoft: (the body of water that once was here is gone, it was huge and must have had a source)
Roc: (Any holes on the walls or ceiling?)
DMSoft: (the kobolds are now out of sight)
DMSoft: (you are in the serpent mire in a dry lake it seems)
DMSoft: (dragonport is behind you about 250' away)
Li Fong looks for inlets to the lake
Roc: (I mean, any holes water can come from?)
DMSoft: (you can't see yet, it's a swamp lake with trees in it)
DMSoft: (the trees are numerous, but seem to be drying out)
DMSoft: *you can see smoke in the distance away from dragonport*
Vivi: "this whole place looks aweful thirsty.."
Gato: (brb)
Mekoti searches for traps. [1d20+7] => [13,7] = (20)
DMSoft: (mekoti finds no traps)
Mekoti just picks a random square pretty much.
DMSoft: (you spend a few minutes looking around, it seems the kobolds only had the one trap)
Vivi: "…i think we should save these trees"
Mekoti: "Mm. Unnerving too. Check the lake edge for a river?"
Roc: (Do I hear anything else? Approaching slayers, anything like that?)
Mekoti: "They need water."
DMSoft: *you continue into the swamp looking for the source*
DMSoft: *no dragon slayers are heard*
Mekoti: "Lots've it."
DMSoft: [1d20+14] => [15,14] = (29)
Gato: "If there are no tree…. expect the dwarves to move in"
DMSoft: *perception checks*
Mekoti: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
Li Fong: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [3,11] = (14)
Vivi: [1d20-5] => [7,-5] = (2)
Gato: "They are their mortal enemies !"
Gato: Skills: Perception [1d20-4] => [6,-4] = (2)
DMSoft: (who's out in front?)
Gato: (I am behind Mekoti :P)
Roc: (I'll go in front.)
Li Fong: I'll go after Roc
Mekoti: (between the tall folk sounds acceptable to me.)
DMSoft: init [1d20+2] => [14,2] = (16)
DMSoft: also, surprise round for me
Li Fong: Initiative: [1d20+3] => [9,3] = (12)
Gato: Initiative: [1d20+1] => [14,1] = (15)
Roc: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [7,5] = (12)
DMSoft: everybody can roll intiative
Vivi: [1d20+4] => [11,4] = (15)
Mekoti: [1d20+3] => [11,3] = (14) init
Gato: (you have greater dex than me Vivi so you will move first)
DMSoft: attacks li fong [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10) [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8)
DMSoft: miss your flat foot I assume
Li Fong: ((yeah))
DMSoft: *two arrows fly past your head*
Vivi: (What is attacking us?)
DMSoft: *you all missed spotting them, but now you see 2 small lizard folks way*
Li Fong: "Ambush!"
DMSoft: attacks li fong [1d20+6] => [4,6] = (10) [1d20+6] => [20,6] = (26)
Li Fong: [1d4] => [2] = (2)
Li Fong: ((shit sorry misclicked))
DMSoft: ohh, crit con [1d20+6] => [14,6] = (20)
Gato: (oucg)
Gato: (ouch x2)
DMSoft: (against flat foot li)
Li Fong: 18 hits
DMSoft: [3d4+2] => [2,2,1,2] = (7) damage from a crit arrow to the neck
Li Fong: (( 0/7 hp))
DMSoft: you guys go now, they are together way, terrain is rough
Mekoti: *yips in inarticulate draconic reaching for her crossbow.*
Gato: (Vivi you go first)
DMSoft: (li is their favored enemy…sorry guy)
Li Fong: ((that sucks ass I can run all over rough terrain no problem))
Gato: (step of the wind ?)
Li Fong: ((yes))
Vivi: "danger danger overe there!" inspire courage
Jonathan Brisbee (enter): 21:01
DMSoft: "Dragon Slayers Die!"-the poison dusks yell
Gato: "I am not a Dragon Slayer !"
Vivi: also un-slinging bow (+1 attack/damage)
Gato still tries to close the distance and attack one
Gato: (if possible)
Mekoti: (d) "I am NO dragonslayer!" *slight, catch in her voice*
DMSoft: (you can double move if you wish)
Gato: (Can I get some cover behind trees or something ?)
DMSoft: (is anyone attacking) (and yes you can get cover)
Li Fong: ((Im just bleeding to death))
Mekoti draws, poisons, and fires with [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9) attack [1d6] => [5] = (5) + 1 bleed damage and fort save vs dc 13. After Gato moves.
Gato: (tries to get the best cover he can…)
Jonathan Brisbee (exit): 21:03
Roc: (in Draconic) "We aren't dragon slayers, but if you insist…" Roc aims his guns.
Mekoti: ((you're at 0. You're stable.))
Mekoti likely misses.
DMSoft: (miss mekoti)
Li Fong: ((Don't i drop down to -1 after this turn?))
DMSoft: (nope)
Vivi: (+1 for inspire, mekoti)
Li Fong: ((ok))
Gato: (if you make a strenous action)
DMSoft: (still a miss vivi)
Mekoti: ((only if you take a standard action. ah, then 10, still likely miss
Gato: (like attack or something then yes… you will drop to -1)
DMSoft: (the 2 dusk lizards aim for gato, anyone attacking?)
Roc: (I'm waiting for my turn.)
Gato: (ermm forgot about this)
Gato: (can I get prone ?)
Gato: (its a free action…so)
DMSoft: (yup +4 ac from that and +4 from cover)
Gato: (good)
Gato: (25 ac then)
DMSoft: (roc can shoot them if he wants)
Li Fong: ((i am going to drop prone and try to not get feathered))
DMSoft: (you already went prone)
Roc shoots the nearest enemy lizard. Deadeye Shot: [1d20+8] => [16,8] = (24) Touch,[2d6] => [5,1] = (6) DMG, +1 Grit on hit
Li Fong: ((ok))
DMSoft: (hit, damage noted)
Gato: (+1 damage from inspire )
DMSoft: (that lizard man goes down then)
DMSoft: *the other fires at gato who is prone behind a tree*
DMSoft: [1d20+4] => [10,4] = (14)
DMSoft: *miss*
Gato: (fail)
DMSoft: *you guys can go*
Vivi partially ducks behind a tree before firing an arrow "go, go metal man, if you cant do it no one can!" [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13) for [1d6] => [1] = (1)
DMSoft: "Die Dragon Slayers!"-the lizardman yells
Gato: (Can I close in and use a maneuver ?)
Roc shoots the other one. Deadeye Shot: [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13) Touch, [2d6] => [2,4] = (6) DMG, +1 Grit on hit
Mekoti draws, poisons, and fires again with [1d20+6] => [3,6] = (9) attack [1d6] => [6] = (6) + 1 bleed damage and fort save vs dc 13, against the one still standing.
Mekoti: "Stop calling me that!" *misses*
Gato: (ermm he drops down I guess)
Roc: (Keep in mind that Deadeye Shot is a touch attack.)
DMSoft: (yup, roc takes it out)
DMSoft: *they both seem to be knocked out and bleeding*
Vivi pokes her head back out "everyone alive?"
Gato jumpes from behind the tree
Gato: "I am not afraid… not at all …CHAR…wait"
Mekoti double moves over to them.
Gato: "They got a stroke !"
Gato: "OH noes !"
Li Fong: "ugggh"
DMSoft: 2 short bows with arrows and 2 padded armors are found
Gato closes in to Li Fong
Vivi moves over to li fong "uh… uh, guys…"
Roc reloads his guns.
Gato inspects the wounds
Gato: "You almost got a stroke too !"
Gato gato sounds overly enthusiastic
DMSoft: knowledge local to find out about them
Mekoti seeks to bind the wounds of one of them, figuring the others will … do something. [1d20+2] => [1,2] = (3)
Vivi rubs her hands together "hold on, big guy!"
Vivi: CLW [1d8+1] => [1,1] = (2)
Mekoti is unhelpful at this, not being quick in a pinch.
Vivi: (bah)
Gato tries to diplomacy the corpses back into life
Gato: Skills: Diplomacy [1d20+6] => [1,6] = (7)
Li Fong: ((lol))
Gato fails
Gato ponders why he has failed
Roc takes 10 to give the other one first aid (19).
Mekoti: [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7) know: Local
DMSoft: *the lizardman is stabalized*
DMSoft: (not enough mekoti, diff is 15)
Mekoti: (the other one… is presumably rendered conscious?)
DMSoft: *yes, roc can get him too)
Mekoti: [1d8] => [2] = (2)
Li Fong: know local
Li Fong: [1d20] => [19] = (19)
DMSoft: li, do you have ranks?
Mekoti: (whoops)
Li Fong: no
DMSoft: (you can only get max 10 without ranks)
Vivi: (what are we know local?)
Li Fong: ((well nvm))
Mekoti: (I have no ranks either)
DMSoft: (to know about the lizard men)
Roc: (Sorry, I have nothing.)
Vivi: [1d20+6] => [15,6] = (21) knowledge local
DMSoft: (okay then, not important)
DMSoft: (er, vivi)
DMSoft: (they are local dusk tribe and worship dragon ideals)
DMSoft: (that's probably why they are out here)
DMSoft: (they are both stablized)
Vivi walks over to mekoti "are you not part of their sun down group?"
Mekoti: "Am I what?"
Mekoti begins brewing a couple doses of bloodflower salve from ectoplasm while trying to figure out what this question means.
Gato is clearly alerted
Vivi: "these are sundown dragon worshipers or something… i remember reading about them in a book"
Mekoti takes 10 on the craft check.
Gato: "So … they only worship them when the sun goes down ?"
DMSoft: "poison dusk is their type*
Vivi shrugs
Mekoti: "I am not of theirs. I pray at midnight."
DMSoft: *one of the lizard men starts coming around*
Gato facepalms with a loud *clank*
DMSoft: "You dragon slayers die!"-he yells
Vivi: "I just remember sundown, poison and dragon worshipping"
Gato: "Vivtory dance "
Vivi shrugs "hey there meanie!"
Mekoti err, applies the bloodflower salve first, and doesn't activate it.
Gato: "!"
Gato: Skills: Perform (dance) [1d20+5] => [13,5] = (18)
Gato: *Victory
Mekoti possibly activates it I mean if he comes around.
DMSoft: "I'll kill you for trying to kill the master!"-lizard
Roc: (Draconic) "Calm down, calm down…we aren't dragon slayers. We've been trying to tell you."
Vivi: (is lizard talking in draconic?)
DMSoft: "You are kobolds?"-lizard(who speaks common)
Vivi shakes her head
Mekoti: "Don't move too much. You'll tear your wounds. Yes."
DMSoft: "we see you with human. we attack"-lizard
Roc: (Common) "She (pointing to Mekoti) and I are, anyway."
Vivi: "I am not lizard person… look" lifts her arm "no scales"
Gato: "I am Gato"
Mekoti: "They ran with us from the dragonslayers. I'm not sure why."
Gato: "I have a heart of a dragon"
Gato: "And fancy moves !"
DMSoft: "you let us go then?"-lizard
Vivi claps her hands and laughs "dance metal man, dance! …ooh yah"
DMSoft: "I will kill the dragon slayers"-lizard
Gato stops moving
Gato: "I am not metal man"
Gato: "I am Gato"
Gato: "Hi Welcome"
Mekoti: "How did they take the water from the swamp?"
Roc: "Well, they are approximately…that way." Roc points to the direction they came from.
Vivi frowns "sorry. mr met- …err, sir?"
DMSoft: "they no take the water, that just nature."-lizard
DMSoft: "plenty of water for our village"-lizard
Gato ignores Vivi for a moment
DMSoft: "no idea why beavers damn up this part of it."-lizard
DMSoft: "beavers taste good"-lizard
Li Fong: "Beavers."
Vivi: "but the trees are thirsty!"
Mekoti: "Ahh."
Roc looks at Mekoti. "Maybe we should start scouting ahead so people don't try to kill us on seeing the others."
Gato: "I've got a fever… and the only solutions is… beaver"
Gato: Skills: Perform (sing) [1d20+5] => [16,5] = (21)
DMSoft: "you let us go now, and I'll kill more dragon slayers"-lizard
:Captcha (enter): 21:23
Roc: "Actually, then only they would get attacked. Never mind."
Mekoti: *looks back* "Possible, but then they might just kill the others behind us. Still probably better than not."
Mekoti: "Or not."
DMSoft: "you let us go and we'll go back to our village then."-lizard
Mekoti turns back to the lizards. "Right. Probably not that injured though. I'll restore your ability to walk easily."
Mekoti: (Draconic) "Ruby and Crystal."
Mekoti activates the bloodflower by command word, curing minor on each lizard in turn.
DMSoft: *the lizards get up and walk away towards the north*
DMSoft: (did you let them keep their stuff?)
Gato: (Gato does not care)
Li Fong: (( Li would))
Mekoti: (I don't intend to take it, others may choose)
DMSoft: (k, you can move on if you'd like)
:Captcha (exit): 21:27
Mekoti begins looking for a beaver dam when we do so.
Li Fong: "Ugh thank you for saving my life Mekoti"
DMSoft: *about a mile further into the swamp, you spot a dam, one of many*
Vivi taps li fong on the shoulder "that was the power of music mr"
DMSoft: *beavers are all around*
DMSoft: *you hear an owl hooting in the treetops*
Mekoti: "Right, are you still hurt?"
Li Fong: "Somewhat"
Mekoti: "Let's pause for a few minutes then, I'll use some of the redflower…"
Li Fong nods
DMSoft: [1d20+17] => [12,17] = (29)stealth
Gato observes what Mekoti's doing
Mekoti: [1d20+5] => [4,5] = (9) perception
Gato: 'You've got the touch… you've got the power"
Gato busts a move
Roc: Perception: [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13)
Mekoti begins drawing ectoplasm, not perceiving anything more out of the ordinary than Gato
Gato: Skills: Perception [1d20-4] => [1,-4] = (-3)
Roc remembers his goggles and lowers them again.
Li Fong: Skills: Perception [1d20+11] => [13,11] = (24)
Vivi: [1d20-5] => [17,-5] = (12)
Gato: (gato cannot see anything he has encountered Blue Screen of Death :P)
DMSoft: "in chimus shan-dra lorin!"-you hear a tiny voice in the darkness
Gato: (Gato is resetting…)
Li Fong: Skills: Stealth [1d20+10] => [3,10] = (13)
Roc: (What language is that?)
DMSoft: reflex saves dc 13
DMSoft: (druidic)
Li Fong: Saving Throws: Reflex [1d20+3] => [11,3] = (14)
Vivi: (li fong, did you see that CLW for 2?)
Mekoti: [1d20+3] => [17,3] = (20)
Roc: Reflex: [1d20+7] => [20,7] = (27)
Li Fong: ((yes))
DMSoft: *the ground starts grabbing at your feet*
Gato: Saving Throws: Reflex [1d20+1] => [1,1] = (2)
Li Fong: ((i have 2 hp))
DMSoft: *entagle*
Mekoti doesn't bother to try and keep the power
Gato: (lol the second 1 in a row O_o)
Vivi: "this is bad.."
DMSoft: *the owl swoops down from the tree and attacks gato*
Gato: "Ahh tentacles ! But.. I am tentacle-proof !"
Mekoti: "Gah! Will not heal you soon human!"
Roc: (I rolled a natural 20, what happened to me?)
DMSoft: (initiative)
Gato: (hmm -4 dex and ??)
Li Fong: "Damn."
DMSoft: (rough terrain is all if you make the save)
Li Fong: Initiative: [1d20+3] => [4,3] = (7)
Mekoti: [1d20+3] => [10,3] = (13)
Vivi: (soory, missed the save [1d20+6] => [17,6] = (23))
Roc: Initiative: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25)
DMSoft: [1d20+4] => [3,4] = (7)
Gato: (hmm I initiate the DUEL OF WILLS if I can see the guy now)
Gato: (or the owl)
Vivi: init [1d20+4] => [14,4] = (18)
DMSoft: (the owl flys down to gato's face, but can't attack yet)
Gato: (I can do this before the init is rolled)
Gato: Skills: Duel of Wills [1d20+11] => [8,11] = (19)
DMSoft: (what do I roll gato?)
Gato: (I am staring down the owl)
Gato: (give me a sec)
Gato: (eerr does it have int above 2?)
DMSoft: (nope)
Gato: (ok so ignore my comment unless I can target the druid)
Gato: (if he is visible)
DMSoft: (druid is way out of range)
Roc: (So what targets are within 60 feet?)
Gato: (kk)
DMSoft: (owl is roc)
Gato: Initiative: [1d20+1] => [18,1] = (19)
Li Fong: ((fuck that bird up))
Gato: (17 with entangle)
DMSoft: (everybody but li can go)
Gato: (hmm what are my options if I am entangled ?)
Roc: (Any other targets?)
DMSoft: (you can full attack the bird if you want, you jsut can't move)
DMSoft: (nope roc)
Vivi: "…wonderful, so wonderful, we're on our way, to help some friends and save the day. we're not to big and we're not to tought but when we work together we've got the right stuff!!.." inspire courage, +1 attack/damage
Gato: (ok)
Roc shoots the bird. Deadeye Shot: [1d20+8] => [13,8] = (21) Touch, [2d6] => [2,1] = (3) DMG, +1 Grit on hit
Gato: (+1 damage from inspire courage)
DMSoft: (bird is damaged)
Mekoti draws, poisons and shoots at the bird with a vehement condemnation in undercommon, just for a change. [1d20+6] => [2,6] = (8) attack [1d6] => [2] = (2) damage +1 bleed fort save vs dc 13.
Mekoti: (forgot +1 damage… but I am not rolling great)
DMSoft: (miss)
Gato: "Birds… what does it have to be birds.. I hate birds"
Gato: (tries to enter grapple)
Vivi: "…i wish I had a pet bird"
Gato: [1d20+3] => [2,3] = (5) melee touch
Gato: (Fail)
DMSoft: full attack gato [1d20+2] => [19,2] = (21) bite [1d20+2] => [3,2] = (5)talon [1d20+2] => [10,2] = (12)talon
Gato: (end of my round)
Gato: (the first thing hits)
Gato: (10/15 hp)
DMSoft: [1d4] => [3] = (3)
DMSoft: owl bites you and it stings a bit
DMSoft: "shan dri mal lor"-you hear a small voice again
Gato: (Everyone can hear a strange voice… ~66% hull integrity)
Li Fong: ((where is the voice coming from?))
DMSoft: *the voice is coming from the damn*
Gato: (from gato)
Gato: (ahh sorry 12/15)
DMSoft: dam lol
Roc: (It's called a dam, FYI.)
Li Fong: (can i go yet?)
DMSoft: (li and everyone can go)
Gato: (sorry it was 80% hull integrity)
Gato: (:P)
Mekoti draws, poisons and shoots. [1d20+6] => [10,6] = (16) attack [1d6+1] => [3,1] = (4) damage +1 bleed fort save vs dc 13.
Li Fong: (Can i kick the bird in the face?)
DMSoft: sure you can
Gato: (+1 to attack from inspire courage)
Gato: (and damage too)
Mekoti: (I included gato)
Gato: (kk)
Roc runs toward the voice and Rapid Reloads a bullet.
Li Fong: [1d20+5] => [6,5] = (11) [1d6+1] => [6,1] = (7)
DMSoft: [1d20+1] => [6,1] = (7)
Mekoti: (The bird falls asleep.)
DMSoft: (yup)
DMSoft: *a riding dog materializes in front of gato*
Li Fong: (Huh?)
DMSoft: *and attacks*
Gato: (heh)
Gato: (15 ac now)
DMSoft: (one sec)
Li Fong: (Do i get an Aoo for him materializing near me?)
Gato: (nope)
Gato: (unless it moves after the materialization)
Li Fong: (damn)
Vivi pulls her arrow back, firing at the dog [1d20+5] => [1,5] = (6) for [1d6+1] => [6,1] = (7)
Gato: (heh thats a fourth 1 today)
Gato: (in total)
Li Fong: "Feel my havenly fist style bird!"
DMSoft: [1d20+3] => [20,3] = (23)
DMSoft: crit
DMSoft: [1d20+3] => [5,3] = (8)
Li Fong: ((snap))
DMSoft: no con, but tripping commences
Gato: (ermm 25% frotification)
Gato: (ok)
Gato: [1d20+3] => [3,3] = (6) opposed trip check
Gato: (heh just my luck)
DMSoft: [1d20+5] => [17,5] = (22)
DMSoft: (gato is tripped and takes [1d6+3] => [1,3] = (4) damage)
Gato: (hmm 8/15 hp)
DMSoft: [1d20+5] => [20,5] = (25) ref
DMSoft: (dog is not entagled)
DMSoft: (you guys can go)
Gato: (a strange voice can be heared again "hull integrity is nearing 50%")
Mekoti glances after Roc to see if he's having any luck before taking a shot at the dog.
Gato: (*heard)
Mekoti draws, poisons and shoots. [1d20+6] => [8,6] = (14) attack [1d6+1] => [2,1] = (3) damage +1 bleed fort save vs dc 13.
Gato: (what are the penalties for attacking while prone ?)
DMSoft: "leave handsome alone you brutes!"-small voice from dam
Gato: (-4 ?)
Mekoti: (-4 on melee)
Roc: (How far away is the voice/dam?)
Gato: (heh)
DMSoft: (100')
Li Fong: Attack the dog using burning blade technique [1d20+5] => [19,5] = (24) dmg [1d6+1] => [4,1] = (5) Fire dmg [1d6+1] => [5,1] = (6)
DMSoft: dog dies, but vanishes instead
Li Fong: "Feel my burning palm strike dog!"
Li Fong: "What trickery is this?"
DMSoft: "stay away!"-voice from dam
Gato: (lol)
DMSoft: *voice is a child's voice*
Mekoti: "Stop setting things on us!"
Li Fong: "I will rip your heart out!"
Gato: (I know who the druid is now)
Gato: (OOC)
Gato: "I shall sing !"
DMSoft: "stay back, this dam is protected by a powerful druid…me!"=Brie
Gato gets up
Gato: (tries to use diplomacy if possible)
DMSoft: (sure)
Mekoti: "Your owl is in trouble, druid! Get out and help it."
Gato: Skills: Diplomacy [1d20+6] => [9,6] = (15)
DMSoft: [1d20+2] => [4,2] = (6)sense motive
Li Fong starts trying to sneak up to the dam
Li Fong: Skills: Sense Motive [1d20+11] => [18,11] = (29)
Li Fong: Skills: Stealth [1d20+10] => [20,10] = (* Roc is still running towards the dam.
DMSoft: "oh, Handsome!"-a little halfling girls comes runing into the now dismissed entangle
Gato: "I challenge you to a duel !" - points out at the halfling
Gato: "We shall dance !"
Gato stretches his metal body
DMSoft: *the halfling is no more than 7 years old*
DMSoft: "I am Brie, who are you metal man?"-Brie
Gato: "I am Gato I have metal joints and 50% of hull integrity left"
Mekoti goes to stop the owl's bleeding if she's not going to.
Gato: - points out to his scratched body
DMSoft: "Are you dragon slayers?"-brie
DMSoft: (she does stop the bleeding mekoti)
Mekoti: (ahkay.)
Gato: "I have a heart of a dragon !"
Gato: "And a fabulous voice !"
Roc: "No, we're running from them right now. You're actually the third person today who confused us for them."
Gato adjusts his autotuner
Mekoti lowers her hood out of exasperation.
Gato: Skills: Perform (sing) [1d20+5] => [15,5] = (20)
DMSoft: "well, I have to make sure the dams stay up."-brie
Vivi: (sorry, im back)
DMSoft: "it would be terrible if the water came back on."-brie
Roc: "Why are you stopping the water?"
Mekoti: "Why's that?"
Li Fong: "People are thirsty in the city."
DMSoft: *brie takes out something from her backpack*
Vivi: "why does the water stay off, sweetie?"
DMSoft: *you see a jar with tea in it*
DMSoft: "these are mean teas, they will make people very sick."-brie
Mekoti looks at it quizically.
Vivi makes a sour face "why not burn them? or bury them down deep in the ground?"
Gato: "Ahh just sick ? If they would explode in negative energy … that would be splendid !"
Roc: "Wait, I think I saw one of those at the bar."
DMSoft: "they are all over the city!"-brie
Li Fong: "we did"
DMSoft: "my brother gin doesn't believe me"-brie
DMSoft: "if people drink these, they put on funny hats and hit things with clubs."-brie
Gato: "HATS ?!"
Mekoti sighs as it becomes clear she is another of the nonsense-speakers.
DMSoft: "so I came out here to make sure nobody has water to make tea."-brie
Mekoti: "Why don't people not just drink it?"
Mekoti: *just not
DMSoft: "it's tricky tea, it hides with other teas."-brie
Mekoti: "Right…"
Vivi: "can I see the tea?"
Gato: "But… will it blend ?"
DMSoft: "I tried to find a way to stop it from moving, but there's so much of it. It was easier to ask the beavers to stop the water."-brie
DMSoft: *Brie hands over the tea to vivi
Roc: "Well, a lack of water can be as problematic as food poisoning."
Vivi: (knowledge? [1d20+3] => [6,3] = (9))
DMSoft: (she's very young and doesn't understand that)
DMSoft: (not good enough vivi)
Roc facepalms as the realization hits him.
DMSoft: (nature and arcana)
Vivi shrugs "yep, this is tea alright…" hands it back
DMSoft: *the tea looks like little men*
Roc: (Good thing I explicitly told her, then.)
DMSoft: "so, we should let the water flow again?"
Li Fong: "Yes."
DMSoft: "what about the man tea?"-brie
Mekoti: "Hm…maybe I could make an antidote to the tea."
Roc: "Just remove the dams. We'll warn people about the tea issue when we get back."
Gato: 'I can make a song about exploding tea !'
DMSoft: "i'll need help with that."-brie
Gato: 'Why haven't I thought about this before ?!"
DMSoft: "chic chic chic snop snop"-brie starts talking to the beavers
DMSoft: *the beavers stop and move away*
DMSoft: "help me tear down the dams then"-brie
Mekoti: *to li* … Let's try that medicine again human … first.
Li Fong moves out of the lakebed
Gato: "When I take sip… my heart goes 'boom'… one more step ….we shall be your doom ! We'll snap the fingers ! Hit ya with the canes ! We've got no muscle nor brains !"
Li Fong lets mekoti administer medicine
Vivi sits back and enjoy's gato's song
DMSoft: *gato feels something odd when he gets on top of the key dam*
DMSoft: *all the dragon bloods feel it*
DMSoft: *bliss, paradise….euphoria*
DMSoft: *a glowing light is seen in the water*
Mekoti draws ectoplasm into sufficient salve, given a minute, and murmurs gem names to convince the herbs to repair wounds… hopefully having the time before very distracted.
Gato: "I have the weirdest feeling right now"
DMSoft: *gato sees a small object in the water*
Gato: "OHH shiny !"
Mekoti looks at the light.
DMSoft: "take me up!"-a voice in gato's head
Gato: "Why not ?"
Gato follows the instructions
DMSoft: "Chosen of tiamat, io, and bahamut!"-trifecta
Gato: "Wait !"
Gato stops
Gato 's jaw drops to the floor
DMSoft: *the trifecta merges with gato*
DMSoft: *all around see it and feel it's bliss, especially the dragon bloods*
Mekoti kneels reverently, to the older gods.
Vivi: "huh?"
Gato is paralyzed
DMSoft: *it doesn't mean much to the non-dragon bloods*
Li Fong: "I feel… Strange"
Roc keeps his hands near his guns, just in case.
DMSoft: "are you ready to blow up this dam?"-brie
Vivi looks around "are you guys ok?"
Vivi nods to brie "sure thing jelly bean"
DMSoft: *the trifecta is part of gato now, but it's nice feeling is in him*
Gato: "I've got the POWER !' - strikes a dashing pose
Li Fong: "Strange"
Mekoti: The symbol of the three united has appeared to us. *remains kneeling for a time*
DMSoft: *brie attacks the dam, to no effect"-brie
Gato: 'Its warm and fuzzy inside… almost fluffy'
Vivi steps up beside brie "here…" and whacks at the dam also
Li Fong moves to dam
DMSoft: hardness 5, 50hps
Li Fong: ''Arhat's Fist! [1d20+4] => [8,4] = (12) [1d6] => [3] = (3)
DMSoft: take it down
Li Fong: "damn"
Roc: (Can I use Piercing Shot (a line attack) to hit multiple logs?)
DMSoft: yup roc
Roc: (In the same dam, I mean.)
Li Fong: "Cant your beavers undo this?"
DMSoft: just focus on the one dam and the rest will fall, you may attack it in bunches and multiples
Li Fong: Attacks: Unarmed strike [1d20+4] => [20,4] = (24) dmg [1d6] => [1] = (1)
Mekoti: *to gato* I believe that you have the heart of a dragon now. *doesn't go anywhere near bullets being shot through spaces!*
Roc fires into a dam. Piercing Shot: [1d20+8] => [15,8] = (23) ATK, [2d6] => [4,5] = (9) DMG, Needs 2 Grit
Li Fong: Attacks: Unarmed strike [1d20+4] => [18,4] = (22) dmg [1d6] => [4] = (4)
DMSoft: roc does some damage and water is seen to flow
Li Fong: Attacks: Unarmed strike [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11) dmg [1d6] => [3] = (3)
Li Fong: Attacks: Unarmed strike [1d20+4] => [7,4] = (11) dmg [1d6] => [4] = (4)
Vivi: "…wonderful, so wonderful, we're on our way, to help some friends and save the day. we're not to big and we're not to tought but when we work together we've got the right stuff!!.." inspire courage
Li Fong: Attacks: Unarmed strike [1d20+4] => [4,4] = (8) dmg [1d6] => [5] = (5)
Li Fong: Attacks: Unarmed strike [1d20+4] => [9,4] = (13) dmg [1d6] => [2] = (2)
DMSoft: li eventuall causes damage
Vivi: "nice work li li!"
DMSoft: after an hour of hitting and shooting it, it falls
DMSoft: the water gushes out
Roc looks for logs that would cause other logs to fall if removed, and shoots them.
Li Fong: "I was never as good at breaking logs as my master was"
Roc: Deadeye Shot: [1d20+8] => [3,8] = (11) Touch, [2d6] => [4,3] = (7) DMG, +1 Grit on hit
Roc: Deadeye Shot: [1d20+8] => [7,8] = (15) Touch, [2d6] => [1,6] = (7) DMG, +1 Grit on hit
Roc: Deadeye Shot: [1d20+8] => [5,8] = (13) Touch, [2d6] => [3,5] = (8) DMG, +1 Grit on hit
DMSoft: *roc shoots the rest of the dams*
Altharid (enter): 22:14
Mekoti works to 'repair' Gato during that time and refreshes her usual tricks of the trade
DMSoft: *the lake starts filling up*
Roc: Also, Roc is continuing to Rapid Reload bullets.
Gato: (sorry got dced by a stupid error)
DMSoft: *gato and all the dragonbloods get a vision*
Li Fong: ((did you heal me at all Mekoti?))
Mekoti: ((yes, I healed you))
DMSoft: *you see the kobolds in the tunnels being chased by dragon slayers*
Li Fong: ((how much?))
DMSoft: *the water flows in and the kobolds rush out…as the dragon slayers drown*
Mekoti: ((can presumably get it all in an hour's time))
Roc stops working on the logs and aims at the slayers.
Li Fong: sweet
DMSoft: *the vision ends*
Roc: (Provided they're coming this way.)
Gato: "Oh noes the bad guys will get strokes !"
Li Fong: ((they drowned.))
DMSoft: *the kobolds were victorious*
Gato: "Underwater at that !"
Mekoti grins at the vision, glad the kobolds escaped.
Roc: (Oh, a vision, never mind.)
Gato: "The divine ones will surivive"
Mekoti: "Yep."
Gato: *survive
DMSoft: "we should head back to town, gin will be worried"-brie
Gato: "I've got the spark… now I shall tranform and r…. *tries* nah It ain't workin' "
Mekoti: "Dragonslayers after us are gone so…" *pulls up hood*
Mekoti: "Sounds a fair idea tiny human."
Li Fong: "yes."
DMSoft: "i'm a halfing!"-brie
Gato: 'No you are a missile !"
Gato: "Can I toss it ?"
Gato: - to Mekoti
DMSoft: "she's tiny btw"
Roc: "No."
Gato sighs
Mekoti: "No, she's no gnome."
Gato: "No one wants to fly like a shark !"
DMSoft: *brie helps you to town safely*
Gato: "She is not ?"
Gato: "Whats the difference then ?"
Roc heads to the tavern.
DMSoft: "Ah, glad to see the dragon slayers didn't get ya"-hank to roc
Vivi follows the rest
Mekoti: *shakes her head* She's a halfling, which are more like tiny humans, rather than jerks that talk moles into destroying your tunnels."
Mekoti: *to gato*
Roc: "Anyway, we have good news and bad news."
Gato: "Ahhh"
DMSoft: "Tell me."-hank
Roc: "Good news: as you may have found out, the water's back."
Gato is clearly amused
DMSoft: "no, I haven't looked. Let me check"-hank
DMSoft: "yup, it's back."-hank
DMSoft: "what's the bad news?"-hank
Roc: "Bad news: everyone here should avoid tea for a while. We found out that a druid blocked up the water to prevent a contaminant tea from being consumed."
DMSoft: "bad tea eh?"-hank
DMSoft: "well, i'll spread the word while we collect your money"-hank
Vivi: "evil tea.."
Li Fong: "I do not require any money."
Vivi: "worse then your ale, probably"
DMSoft: (vow of poverty li?)
Li Fong: "But could I possibly sleep in your cellar for a bit?"
Mekoti: "I do. Thanks fer the generosity."
Li Fong: ((yeah))
Gato: "I need to amplify my synthesator !"
DMSoft: "cellar, I will have no such thing. I'll give you my room"
DMSoft: (so how many pcs - li?)
Mekoti: (4)
Li Fong: 4
DMSoft: k, good to know
DMSoft: they collect up 2000gp and offer you 2000 more for the information that saved them from the evil dm
DMSoft: (swampside is saved!)
Mekoti: (hurrah!)
Mekoti is very happy with the pay.
Roc: (How much XP do we get?)
Gato: (oh my… so we can slaughter them all and get even more xp xD)
Mekoti: (enough to level me almost certainly. This is Mekoti's third adventure xD)
DMSoft: (lol, short game…all those kobold pcs)
Gato: (ehh Gato wouldn't do that anyway)
Gato: (they are not kobolds… they are infantile pun-puns :P)
Roc: (I'm not a 1337 enough D&D player to make a pun-pun.)
Mekoti: (Mekoti can ascend, but she falls on losing contact with the smoke, so it's not to be relied on too much.)
Mekoti: (:P)
DMSoft: (well all the anti dragon slayers sympathized with you)
Gato: (well its a good thing that Gato is not considered sane)
DMSoft: (exp will be 1550 for 4 encounters)
Mekoti: (^^)
Gato: (kekeke… thats at least one lvl up)
DMSoft: (trap was an encounter mixed with kobolds)
Mekoti: (I will be able to make an antidote!)
Li Fong goes outside and starts practicing his new technique, called "Owl-killing kick"
Vivi: (lol, did anyone else read that as "one thousand three hundred and thirty seven" first before realizing 1337?)
Mekoti: (Wait, it will only work on scalyfolk)
Gato: (Bill ok'd level upping for more than on elvl BTW)
DMSoft: (thanks for not killing brie)
Gato: (*lvl)
DMSoft: (yeah he did)
DMSoft: (you guys should all level if you were 1)
Gato: (heh I am just from lvl 2)
DMSoft: (lvl 3?)
Mekoti: (heh, mekoti is going to just keep a dose of salve on her every hour from now on. I've realized that bleeding + lack of ranks in heal = frustration.)
DMSoft: (so how did you like the bbeg?)
Roc glows with a blinding golden light, as a "Level 4" sign appears above his head.
Gato: (hmm if we will get some xp for generic roleplaying… I might just lvl up to lvl 3)
Li Fong: (it was good soft)
DMSoft: (hold off on it gato, the wealth by level may be off)
Gato: (darn.. still not possible)
Roc: (You mean Brie? Because we never saw the slayers' leader.)
Mekoti: (heh, I need to get used to being level 2)
DMSoft: (yeah brie longfoot…the terror of the mire!)
Gato: (I have exactly 1000 xp before getting xp from your session)
Gato: (3p total is required for lvl 3)
DMSoft: http:blackmarches.wikidot.com/brie-longfoot
Mekoti: (She was entertaining)
Gato: (so its rather not possible… unless I will use Gato on Sidhe's session)
DMSoft: (child logic)
Roc: (Is the game over? If so, can I stop with the ( )?)
Mekoti: (also hello cleric spells, and another +4 on Craft checks ^^
DMSoft: (sure, who wants to update?)
Mekoti: Yeah seems reasonable
Mekoti: If you use Gato on my session … well I will have to deal with a lack of psigish I expected :P But that wouldn't be too bad
DMSoft: so that game was quicker than i'm used to
DMSoft: mainly because of no interogations
Mekoti: Lol. We talked to people som?
Mekoti: *some
Gato: hmm
Tai: im gonna go guys, thanks soft
DMSoft: everybody in the mire is paranoid of dragon slayers
Roc: I have a question: if I decided to stay, how many slayers would I have faced?
Gato: then I will go with Alth then
Li Fong: I can update if you like
Mekoti: Seeya Tai
Gato: cya
Tai: Disconnecting from server…
Tai (exit): 22:33
DMSoft: slayers weren't in the area roc
Roc: I meant, stay at the bar at the start.
DMSoft: they're in the north supposedly looking for a black dragon
DMSoft: ah, 5 ranger 1s, 2 paladin 3s, and 1 healer 2
Roc: Rangers? Dang it.
DMSoft: the ranger 1s would have creamed you
Roc: I was asking because I didn't get a chance to use Desperado in this game.
Li Fong: what does that do
Roc: At the cost of 10 bullets and any amount of grit, I can attack every enemy within a 60-foot radius for 2d6 damage per grit, per enemy. Even if the enemies make the 15 Reflex save, they take half of that still.
DMSoft: i'll have to keep that in mind for next game roc, but you totally owned the bad guys this game
Roc: I'm so glad I could switch to the HoA gunslinger. :)
DMSoft: well, the bad good guys
Mekoti: Gato, if no one else high-level shows - Mali's missing, Ichai and Farris might be busy - I can take a different path easily enough xD Also, that's a very cool ability.
Roc: Thanks.
Roc: Keep in mind, I only have 3 max grit, so I have to use it wisely.
Roc: Or, I did at Level 3.
DMSoft: yup, that healer would have had a hard time healing after that
Mekoti: … as an alchemist-shaper … I do get infinite healing. It's just very slow.
DMSoft: it's becoming more apparent that mali wasn't taken by dragon slayers
Gato: (brb)
Roc: Also, I can only use it once per battle…unless I want to be a sitting duck reloading.
DMSoft: lol, every time I hit it was a crit threat
Mekoti: Presumably, if I made more than one dose at a time, it would be faster, but I think they have to have separate command words, so making too much renders it unusable
Li Fong: thats some clint eastwood shit
Mekoti: heh.
Li Fong: yeah i didnt really like the arrow to the neck
DMSoft is reminded of back to the future 3
Li Fong: you should listen to "the ecstasy of gold" everytime we have an encounter roc
DMSoft: (i don't add damage from enemie bonuses on a crit, just the dice)
DMSoft: (no need to be cruel)
Li Fong: first time i took farris out for a spin i got pwned by the first ranged guys we came upon tho so its par for the course
Gato: You remind me of one guy
Mekoti: fear the arrow.
Gato: one of my players
Gato: in a custom d20-like setting
Mekoti: least til you can deflect it
Gato: with vampires and lycanthropes
Gato: we had 2 campaings in it
Gato: and in both of them
Gato: he failed fort against massive damage
Gato: when a guy fired desert eagle or other handcannon at him
Gato: in the first round
Gato: just befory him
Gato: *before
Li Fong: ha
Gato: in the first fight
Li Fong: that sucks
Gato: he survived
Gato: according to these rules
Gato: he was down to -1 hp
Roc (exit): 22:42
Gato: regardless of his actual hps
Gato: the campaign was amusing

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