Warlord's Blouse

This blouse was first made for a mighty lord who sought absolute power on the battlefield. At the time, the ability to increase size, strength and martial prowess could not be beat, leaving him near-invulnerable in combat. Which one could assume is why his enemies had him assassinated in his sleep. In modern times most apprentice wizards are capable of the simple enchantments required in it's creation.

As per the spell, this simple garment allows the wearer to use Enlarge Person (self only) three times per day for a duration of 1 minute. Activating this ability is a standard action. Faint transmutation; CL=1 Craft Wondrous Item, enlarge person, Price 1125 gp; Weight -.

(3.5 SRD, Creating Magical Items: Command word, spell level(1) × caster level(1) × 1,800 gp divided by 1.6 (5/3 charges=1.6) = 1080 gp value.

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