Wandering Saint

Race: Solar
Class: ???
Alignment: ??? Good
Description: A mysterious figure surrounded by an aura of holyness. Rumored to appear during the times of great injustice, when the weak are oppressed by tyrants, when acts of vileness spread… when there's a need for the likes of his and the heroes of given age are either weak or not present at all. A platinum sword capable of giving life back with mere touch was the only distinguishing feature of many of the forms he took during the ages. Legends surround the being but even to this day… to the point where it is not even known which to which god the angel was subservient.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Doomscape Exploration (Part 3) 02-10-2013 The party stumbled into a well-concealed temple either built or consecrated by the being.
2 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 The angelic being, in its concealed form (only recognizable by its platinum sword), took a part in the last battle of the Darnten Siege but ended up retreating due to the demonstration of the flying fortress's power… taking his conflict with certain 'shadow dragon' somewhere else. Was seen 'banishing' the all-too-clingy Orochiko who found that gentleman too cute not to harass with offers of serving as his bride… in the vision of the actual happenings from the Bloodstained Age. The nagate itself ended up banished by the angel who could not bear it anymore.
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