Vow Of Asceticism General

Vow of Asceticism (General)

You have sworn off your connection to material things in favor of an ascetic lifestyle. As you make sacrifices, you find power within yourself.

Benefit: You gain the ability to sacrifice wealth to enhance your own spirit and body. You must donate or sacrifice at least 85% of all wealth that you acquire (donated to a cause, burnt offerings, gifts to divine beings, or some other purpose).

In return, the value of all your sacrificed goods is tracked as ascetic points. You may spend these ascetic points to gain permanent bonuses similar to magic items. You may “purchase” the effects of magic items by spending ascetic points equal to the gold piece cost of a magic item. See this document for details.

Special: A monk may take Vow of Asceticism as one one of his monk bonus feats.

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