Vorloi Mercenary Army


The Vorloi Mercenary Army is a large force paid for and commanded by the Vorloi. Originally, most of the army was recruited and operated from the Burning Sands with some contingents from other continents, and Rokugan. Zaeem Vorloi eventually sought fame and fortune elsewhere and relocated the Mercenary Army to Dragonport.

The Vorloi Mercenary Army was recently used in a Coup d'Etat to take over Dragonport


Dragonport - Current
Burning Sands - Former





The Crew


Admiral Gulzar

1000s of other mercenaries.


Sahar Altair


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Vorloi Coup D'etat 4/11/12 Tried to parley with Kamigawa later sought to eliminate the samurai and all nearby witnesses after his refusal of their 'kind offer'. The rank-and-file Vorloi mercenaries from Al-Rashid's team did not get to see another sunrise… their leader and his assistant (Koyasha) managed to employ a 'strategic retreat' of their own.
2 The Capture of Claudius 5/23/12 After accepting the the mission focused on eliminating Claudius de Shawl the party infiltrated the army's compound placed near the ruined keep by posing as would-be recruits. The night after their bouts Al-Rashid met his end at Ita's blade while the rest of the team managed to capture their target.
3 Foxy reunion 06-25-2012 Few Rokugan fellows, would-be recruits perhaps, threatened Ryu, who assumed a false identity of a sort of criminal haling from those lands. However after having attributed Ahri with 'danamaku-level' gunsliger prowess they… employed a strategic retreat.
4 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 07-04-2012 The bulk of its naval forces was defeated.
5 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 7/7/12 With the aid of the party the army was defeated, but the cost as always…was high… such is the nature of wars.
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