Race: ??
Class: ??
Alignment: ??

Description: An entity whose mere presence induces paralyzing terror in lesser beings. Wields power of cosmic levels…while at the same time having its mind clouded by a dementia…or maybe the others just cannot comprehend its thought patters ? It appears that the terror has some very vague traces of Subject t23's imprints within itself… and who knows what else… ???
The 'ever-consuming-void' appears to 'reside' currently within the desolate future.

# Adventure Date Actions
1 Those Who Seek (part 3) 04-12-2012 'Confronted' briefly by Kamigawa and Nightmare within what looked like … desolated future. Sought to utterly annihilate both after recognizing the armament of the latter. Would most likely succeed if not for the random nature of the complexes manifest zone.
2 Those Who Seek (part 5) 04-22-2012 The party barely survived the combined onslaught of nightmares given form and the semi-materialized part of the monstrosity in the desolate future … then sought refuge in the shadow plane in order to avoid… becoming one with the void. Even there the shockwave of the outburst of the being's power wounded the survivors. Was later seen chanting with its hands held high, pointed out at some sort of void-like 'star' on the sky….devoid of other celestial bodies.
3 The Shackled Monarch 08-01-2012 A 'weaker version' of the Void was encountered and defeated by the party.
4 The new wave (part 2) 09/17/2012 It appears that the desolate future version of the Dark Remnant I somehow got stuck on the beings head, the party managed to escape back to their dimension (???) while the being was performing some sort of an invocation.
5 Excavation Part 1 11-19-2012 Mentioned in a cryptic manner by the Menace/Vanguard.
6 Sublime Echoes 01-30-2013 The Bloodhaired One's right hand during his sortie with the party looked very alike "Void's flesh" in general. The man hinted the possibility of 'Void' having one if rather critical weakness during the confrontation.
7 Doomcape Exploration (Darntem Siege, part 5) 03/02/2013 The telepathic howls heard within 'desolate future' were similar to the ones Rick and the party heard while 'onboard' Dark Remnant I from the otherworldly horror in question.
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