Vindicator Prototype

Description: A prototype armament made from the purest adamantine and deep crystal ore manufactured somewhere in the abandoned research complex.

Current Owner

Game Mechanics

In order to use…

Step 1: Deploy the tri-pod (full-round action, firing without tri-pod = -10 attack and DC penalty unless the character passes str check - DC 30)
Step 2: Activate the spinning module ([1d2 rounds]) (firing without spinning imposes -5 penalty to save DC and attack rolls)
Step 3: Fire !

Mode A: Single Target mode, can be fired for 5 rounds in a row before re-spinning (ML 10)
Mode B: Area Attack mode, at the beginning of each round after the first one roll [1d100] and add 10% for each previous round of use. (ML 10)
Failure means that the weapon has to be re-spinned due to some malfunctions.


# Adventure Date Events
1 Into the Great Unknown Part 3 01-03-2012 Found by the party in an equipment locker next to the quintessence tank containing the simulacrum of Vice-President Altharid.
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