Vilem Richter

Race: Advanced Human
Class: Fighter 9
Alignment: Lawful Neutral


A knight in command of the Fort Duramere, his father was a high lord of Dragonsport who was stripped of his position on charges of corruption and lost his lands due to gambling debts. The young knight aspires to attain glory to clean his family's honor at any cost. He takes his position seriously and will do whatever it takes to defend the realm. He is the younger half brother of Brann the Bastard of Haven.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Duramere Part One 8-13-12 Fought off infected townsfolk
2 Duramere Part Three 8-15-12 Was stopped from executing the infected by Lyra, Cael and Syrio
3 Wutherton: Scouring the Blight 8-23-12 Assigned PCs to make Wutherton safe
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