Vermillion Charade


An exclusive, establishment placed mostly under the Dragonport Government District offering various kinds highly illegal of 'services' ('quality company', gambling, arena fights and similar) for those craving such.



# Adventure Date Actions
1 The trappings of ... (???)(part2) 11-23-2012 Visited by the party in order to find Milene… and by Raital who sought to track down Claude Torenscu.
2 The trappings of ... (???)(part3) 11-30-2012 Raital, Charlinia and Tenshi Hinanawi reached the chamber of Milene's who was revealed to be the establishment's owner. A great dragonshard (???) deposit was found there, hidden beneath/within one of the bath-level pools.
3 The trappings of ... (???)(epilogue) 12-02-2012 Left in the care of Ophelia's. Milene had been most likely making great use of the Dragonshard Throne as a catalyst for improving her power with… a 'little' help of all 'emotions'… released in her decadent establishment.
4 Bloodiness Unveiled (part2) 12-21-2012 Raital was taking… a bloodbath there before being 'warped' into the Forbidden Lair by The Bloodhaired One.
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