Count Valed

Race: Vampire Illumian
Class: Wizard 12
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Description: Velvec Valed, better known by his title Count Valed, is the true patriarch of the Valed noble house. Charming and persuasive, he used his influence in early life to discover the secrets of immortality through vampirism and has never regretted it since.

Count Valed has acted behind the scenes to guide his family to power and prosperity, publicly changing names and titles, but privately choosing the next Valed family successor to be the puppet head. Count Valed rewards loyal family members with vampirism, allowing them to join his eternal court.


College of Necromancy - Hand of Nerull


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Veiled Society part 3 12-14-2011 Tried to 'recruit' Bayushi Ita after the latter was brought to him by a corrupted city guard; few moments later, however, the conversation was interrupted by few well-placed crossbow bolts from Baltasar's crossbow. During the fight the ninja got possessed but the artificer saved the day with one of his many devices. In the end the undead spellcaster escaped with a contingent teleport effect affecting his temporarily lifeless corpse.
2 The Destiny of Farris Blackclaw 2-17-2012 Appeared to Farris Blackclaw at the Dragonport City Prison and told of the horrible fate in store for him.
3 Return of the Bloods 4-9-2012 Was presumably mentioned in vampire Mack the Knife's dying breath
4 The Final Battle Against Ra-men Part 11 08-15-2012 In spite of employing potent magic and his 'finest' spawns… the count failed to stop the party from progressing further… Destruction and inability to return to his gaseous form sealed his demise… for a while that is.
5 The "Nexus of Souls" (part 1) 09-09-2012 A 'cute' version of the vampire (and his court) was defeated by the party. *Sparkle* included.
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