Character Sheet: Velnias
Master: Sidhe Spellweaver
Race: Imp
Class: Familiar 8
Alignment: Lawful Evil

Appearance: Lithe and sinewy, he stands near to 2 feet tall with back straight - a rare occurrence considering the counterbalancing tail that sweeps behind him, longer than the rest of his body, resembling a scorpion's in segmentation and the wicked stinger at the tip - but far more flexible in form. His skin has delicate scales resembling snakeskin, golden-brown with short darker greenish-brown stripes down his back. His eyes are yellow and slitted, and his jaw lengthened alike to a crocodile, dragon or kobold; though the teeth within are too small to easily damage. He has tapered ears, similar to an elf's, and a black-webbed crest sweeping from his forehead to lower back. A pair of dragonlike wings support him in the air with great agility.

He can take the form of a raven or a Medium golden spider.

Personality: He is gentle in speech, versed in lore and rhetoric. Polite and obedient, he tends to slip by unnoticed, lacking a younger imp's craving to gain power and promotion quickly. A conneiseur of both sin and suffering, he treats those who indulge him with either with a certain affection, which in Hell makes him something of a counselor of the damned.

Background: Velnias is an old spirit, as imps go. One of those crafted of the blood and soul of a Styx dragon (an origin giving him some similarity with kobolds), in ancient times he served under Naberius as a tutor and scribe, a role leaving him relatively unversed in combat. Trying to look back in his memory this far leaves many strange gaps, clouded obscurity where the secrets of the now-vestige have slipped away. Included in this is how Velnias came to be stationed on the third layer of Hell. His recollections since are more impressive, and his many glimpses of the mortal world through conversations with damned souls leaves him with a decent knowledge of history.

Velnias's immediate superior is a pleasure devil, or brachina, named Manah. She is a fallen angel, once treated as a goddess herself, then an angel of fate who brought vengeance on those who acted against the gods; but her loyalties shifted,and now she corrupts those alike to her. She is one of the Three Cranes who once served Naberius, though many of those memories have been ripped from her as from Velnias.

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