Race: Nymph
Class: Druid 2
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Description: A beautiful Nymph from the Unseelie Court of fae, even stronger and more graceful than the normally seen samples of her particular species. She has long and soft blonde hair, pale white skin and full reddish lips


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Assimilation: Part 1 5/22/12 She was kidnapped (and memory-alterated) by Aegis in order to be used as an assimilation material.
2 Mischievous... misunderstanding 5/23/12 Took Aegis's intention's for…something entirely else…
3 A tale of a dragon, fox ooze 5/30/12 Informed Aegis of Khagriksornhris' whereabouts.
4 Evil Oozey Business (Part 2) 06-17-2012 Aegis… taught her place…so to say.
5 Fulfilling...Oozey Business (>_>) 07-20-2012 Valissa has a surprise for Aegis ……….and so does nearly everyone else.
6 Scaly Goo 07-25-2012 Harassed by Nina to the point of dimension-dooring away >_>.
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