character sheet
Player: TyrannoStorm
Race: Phrenic Necropolitan Gray Elf
Class: Wizard 3
Alignment: True Neutral

Appearance: Valcon's skin is bleached and gaunt from its exposure to the elements throughout the ages. He wears black, obscuring robes and cloaks to obscure his true nature, so that all can be seen of him are his milky white eyes.

Personality: Valcon is cynical and pragmatic. He takes delight in informing others of their naivety. His knowledge is great, for he has spent centuries studying magic and tomes. He dislikes nothing more than stupidity, but losing his power is a close second.

Background: Valcon was an associate with the College of Necromancy for a very long time. He saw it as the most efficient way of gaining power and ensuring his own survival. And grow in power he did; he took advantage of the many dark and forbidden scrolls in the possession of the College. However, he cared nothing for Ra-Men's goals of world domination, and did not embark on any of the College's missions. He instead served as an adviser and assisted the Guild in other ways. He was eventually rewarded with the privilege of being made Necropolitan and given eternal life—- or unlife. Ra-Men took this opportunity to Rebuke him and force him to use his talents in more… direct ways. He was to attempt to stop the invading adventurers from reaching Ra-Men. He was intended to command a regiment of undead troops on Io's Blood Isles, but before he could do much, the Orrery was activated. For some unknown reason however, the Orrery of Light did not destroy him. It instead left him in a severely weakened state, without the use of any of his knowledge or spells but the most basic. He counted himself lucky, and decided to start anew.

Membership: Black Lions - indicate your affiliation here

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 11/10/12 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) -158 Spells, spellbook, MW Tool (spellcraft), dagger, crossbow w/ bolts
3 Rank In File 11/17/2012 1800 1125 Valcon is tasked by Charlinia with the assignment of protecting a new shipment of supplies for their armory, with the secondary goal of capturing any thieves for information. In the course of this mission, the goods are almost successfully stolen during an ambush, but the thieves went for a cursed chest, and Valcon succeeded in his goal.
4 Trouble at the Laraine Estate 11/28/12 3300 Valcon is tasked with guarding the noblewoman Ophelia. This task is made infinitely more difficult and distasteful by the "Lady's" own actions as a dog and his "companion" Nil.
5 Shopping 12/11/12 0 -200 Valcon receives a 2000 gold loan from Charlinia, which he uses for a Ring of Feather Falling to make his Item Familiar.
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