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Regular and Battle Form

NPC stat-block
Race: Voidmind Elan
Class: Egoist 5/Anarchic Initiate1/Ghostbreaker 5
Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

Description: A being created via sheer willpower of Xolrethe…even though a mere shadow of his progenitor he is… formidable power he wields.

Aegis, his mistress (thrallherd)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The First Step 05-11-2012 Appeared before Aegis after his mistress regained consciousness, demonstrated some of his formidable skill…which brought delight to the thrallherd.
2 The path of corruption 05-13-2012 Returned from his venture to Dragonport where he acquired interesting research data…which he shared with his mistress. Accompanied her during their stroll into the mire where they gathered new 'recruits' for the would-be aberrant overlord's ever-growing army.
3 Pwomp and circumstance 05-15-2012 Served his mistress…after merging with the Pwomp-plomp, Arashi and Aegis… some unsettling vibes shook the resulting being…. hinting his origins in the process.
4 The Io's Blood Isles Part 3 05-16-2012 Guarded his mistress… unleashing freezing psychokinesis on her foes.
5 The Ultimate Conflict 05-21-2012 Brought the news of the current situations in Dragonport.
6 Assimilation: Part 1 05-22-2012 Made preparations for Aegis' next 'capture' while she was busy with acquiring the nymph. According to his intel a worthy new addition would require searching for a true-name of an adequate power.
7 A tale of a dragon, fox and...an ooze 05-30-2012 Assisted Aegis in her first greater conquest. For reasons yet to be determined Khagriksornhris' harem took him to their liking…. despised by Amaterasu because of that.
8 Evil Oozey Business 11-06-2012 'Perished' after Aegis tried to delve too deeply into the matters of The Bloodhaired One.
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