Unmarked Island


For reasons unknown the isle's climate is clearly tropical in spite of being located roughly 2-days of sailing to the east from Dragonport. The island's origin is clearly volcanic… the volcano itself partially collapsed and does not appear to be active and a lake infested with phrenic sharks formed inside it.


# Adventure Date Events
1 Into the Great Unknown Part 1 12-21-2011 A teleportation beacon was found there. The party used it to get to the Abandoned Research Complex.
2 The Shadow... and the blade 07-12-2011 Bayushi Ita performed the ritual on The Blade of Souls with his associates as instructed by the Prophet… venturing to …insides the dreadful armament, spiritually at least.
3 The New Wave 09-13-2012 The team was forced to stay anchored in the island's bay in order to wait out the stormy weather. During this time they managed to capture few of the infamously vicious "Kord's Crabs".
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