Tsukiko…when she grows up a bit

Race: 'Kitsune' (fox Hengeyokai)
Class: ?
Alignment: ?

Description: A 4-year-old albino Kisune brought to Dragonport with Kaito, Takeshi and the others for undetermined reasons.

Membership: One Tail Clan


Hitomi - mother


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Canine Business 02-28-2012 Was left under Kaito's care. Played around with Nightmare who found her too cute too resist.
2 Pwompy Terror 03-18-2012 Was found in Mali's closet… apparently she was playing hide-and-seek with her Tsukiko. Soon afterwards…found by Amaterasu. Fooled around a bit in the the fox-home then…fell asleep.
3 The Search for the 'Glowy' ... Duck (?) 03-27-2012 Was trying to escape (in fox form)… from Mr Todkins who found that canine to be too cute to not … be properly dressed up (in 'girlish'…dog clothes). Hid…in…Nina's clothes. Kamigawa asked Rin to take care of the troublemaking kitsune for one night.
4 Fox-Fired 06-12-2012 Visited Nightmare's Domain together with her mother.
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