Player: Yanome
Race: Noble Drow
Class: Two-weapon Fighter 11 / Kensai 1 / Time Thief 5
Alignment: Chaotic Evil

Appearance: Look at Picture

Personality: The bitchiest of all bitches, Travex cares not for anyone that she sees. She requests anyone other than the pure drow to just die and erase their existence, therefore earning her name "Nirvana's avatar". She'll do ANYTHING to kill those she believes must die, no matter who they are. Her mere presence has put many drow in awe and many drow nobles in fear.

Background: As of most drow nobles, she lived with her common family, and was living a very terrible life. After some time, she tried to mingle with the noble drow, hoping that they can accept her. When she found out of her powers, she was about to tell her family, but was faced to see that her parents killed massacred along with their sister. All of their heads have been gouged and their tongues are cut being being next to a letter thrown to the ground saying "Trash!" To this day, those mental scars, which she masks with an overly high and powerful demeanour, have never been healed.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation note the date the character was made 0 200 Traveler’s Outfit
2 Character Creation (buying) -60 Rapier, Musket of the Order of the Cockatrice( wasgiven), Leather Armour
3 An unfortunate encounter 7/4/12 1000 0 0 0 Travex tries challenging a weak AC, confident in her ability to best the pathetic foe and is quickly overwhelmed, then threatened aegis only to be almost choked to death, should she have not been saved by ahri. She returned to attack it again, only to kill it despite grave wounds.
4 Liberation of Dragonport Part 1 7/4/12 28320 0GP Travex just stood there and posed as the battle raged on. She did poses as well.
5 Liberation of Dragonport Part 2 07/7/12 362040XP 100000GP Travex tried to go and attack, and help, but it ended before she even did something so…
6 The professional 08/7/10 6680XP 15000GP Spiked chain +1, steadfast boots She went to this shitty place aegis offered her to go, did a job, and and got her mooneys
7 Getting an Upgrade 08/4/12 -150 000 Gold Adamantite Rapier +5 "Sunshine", mithril chain shirt +3, headband of mental superiority +2, bag of holding Type III, 5ft by 5ft carpet Travex was remade to be 10 times more awesomer
8 Phylacteries Phall Part II 5000 + 100KXP pending(see the item) 100 000GP(from part 3) Phylactery, True Seeing(Su) Travex, unlike the others, was just doing her thing and ignored everybody like a bitch she was. she got a book and a phylactery, and got herself a wish: hers was truesight.
9 Approaching Preponderances 1000 Travex went in there with aegis, syrius and arashi, and was able to enter the archives by answering what she believed to be measly simple questions. She searches for certain relics that can benefit her for the long term.
10 Getting the second weapon +5 adamantite rapier 'Moonshine' 5 by 5ft magic carpet Buying and selling items
11 Lair of the Blood Lord 192030 39,500 Travex was being her old bitchy self…until she met blood demons
12 getting some utilities 15/07/12 -157600 A luck blade with 2 wishes, +2 Tome of dexterity Travex bought a luck blade with 2 wishes at the Silent Pond, thinking that she'd be able to apply some of them to good use, while she also bought a +2 tome NOT from Peace. The reason why is unknown…
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