Tranquil Shade

Race: Human (?)
Class: Passive Way Monk 2/Wuxian Sage 6 /???
Alignment: ???

Description: 'Tranquil Shade' acts mostly as an intermediary between various less-than-savory factions of the Dragonport's. One way or another he managed to maintain his status-quo for many long years.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Aberrant Treachery 02-21-2012 Acted as an intermediary between Akrluxis and the 'Businessman'.
2 Battle Royale... of your dreams ! 02-27-2012 Fought with a party of adventurers in a dreamscape and was 'slain' in a gruesome manner by Xolrethe as the latter grew 'unamused' with his performance.
3 Sigil Plots 05-21-2012 Chatted briefly with Kamigawa about matters both old and new then discorporated in shadowy manner.
4 The trappings of ... (???)(part1) 11-16-2012 Served as a the contact of Charlinia's … as far as the case of the recent treacheries withing the Black Lions was concerned. Demanded safe 'passage' in exchange for the intelligence according to which … Milene might have been a lover or actually an illegitimate child of Zirgoyv's.
5 The trappings of ... (???)(part2) 11-23-2012 Was revealed to be the source of Siegfried de'Carde's during the conversation of the latter's with Charlinia Coaldragon in Vermillion Charade. The man seemed to be very displeased with the resolution offered by the dragonblooded last time which is why he also sold such sensitive information to Siegfried.
6 Counter-corruption 7-17-2013 Yagiuma bought the knowledge of the location of one of the smuggling tunnels still running beneath Dragonport.
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