Top Tailoring And Insurance Ldt


A Tailoring and insurance company that has been run out of the Dragonport Port District for Decades, they make and sell only the finest suits in Dragonport, or so they say. There have been rumours and whispers for years about them having a darker side, that they money launder, murder high ranking officers and officials when the price is right, and other stuff that society sees as Mafia work. Although they do have a dark side, it is nothing compared to the 'Goodfella' attitude when you're dealing with them on good terms. They help many of the Churches of the Divine Pantheon in Dragonport. An example of this is that they have recently come back into the possession of a hammer of Moradin, and intend to repair and return it to the Church of Moradin.


Dragonport Port District



The street gangs around Dragonport


Zeele Zeekrin Top


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Sharp Dressed Men.(Part 1) 1-4-13 Recently recruited some more goons to do their…less that dirty work.
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