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Player: MjhX
Race: Human
Class: Cleric 8
Alignment: Neutral Good
Current Location: Dragonport?

Appearance: A standard human with black hair, a beard, a chain shirt, a cape, and a sword. He also wears a gauntlet with his personal holy symbol on it.
Personality: Generally he tries to be patient with people who bug him with things.

Background: Tom has had some history with various churches since he was young, but he never really liked how any of them were handled. As such, he spent a while trying to access the divine realms on his own, and acquired his clerical powers as a result. He still felt like he was missing something after all that, so he decided to take up adventuring. He has also left the charted world for the middle of nowhere on one or two occasions.

Membership: N/A

REVERSE HEALING FAIL (from Octagon Part 4): Attack an undead with a Cure spell, fumble, and heal myself instead.
SUPER SOAKER (from Unseelie Negotiations): Join in the Trickster's Inn chaos through application of Create Water.

Character Log:

# Adventure Date XP Gain GP Gain Items Gained Items Lost Description
1 Character Creation 12-13-2011 0 62.3 GP Traveler’s Outfit, Starter Adventurer's Kit, Chain Shirt, Light Steel Shield, Longsword, Spell Component Pouch
2 Catacomb Exploration Part 1 12-13-2011 450 XP Tom enters the catacombs, kills a fungus, and leaves due to other obligations.
3 Infested Necropolis Part 2 12-19-2011 1175 XP Coming soon… The party goes further into the catacombs, kills some monsters, and finds a doppleganger living there.
4 Infested Necropolis Part 1 1-02-2012 1613 XP 520 GP 1 Sling 1 Alchemist's Fire (That I thought I got from Gato in another game, but failed to record anywhere online. My apologies.) The party goes into the dungeon and fights various things.
5 Downtime 1-20-2012 10 Sling Bullets .1 GP
6 The Octagon Part 3 1-20-2012 1600 XP 2000 GP +1 Longsword Joined Syrius and Gato in The Octagon. Got a snazzy new sword.
7 The Octagon Part 4 1-23-2012 6130 XP, Level 5 Fought some cold zombies.
8 The Fall of BlackHeart 1-25-2012 15210 XP, Level 7 6000 GP 1 GP Used his magic to nerf one of Captain Blackheart's annoying techniques.
9 Downtime 1-27-2012 1 Mithral Chain Shirt, 1 Mithral Light Shield 1 Chain Shirt, 1 Light Shield, 2018.5 GP Tom switches out his armor and shield for something lighter.
10 Unseelie Negotiations 2-01-2012 10270 XP, Level 8 10000 GP Cast Create Water at the Trickster's Inn, and let Mali Ohba down as a negotiator.
11 Good Guys Octagon Challenge 3-21-2012 200 XP 6 GP Signed up for a tax break from Mali Ohba.
12 Tabernacle Stooges 4-13-2012 Showed up briefly, but left.
13 Downtime 4-13-2012 Gauntlet, Holy Symbol 27 GP Got a gauntlet, and materials to inscribe his own symbol on it.
14 Retraining 6-08-2012 500 GP Used his accumulated downtime to retrain several feats and domains in the past.
15 A Cleric Apart 6-08-2012 7400 XP 30451 GP 5 Nightsticks Found a plan by Ra-Men to seize holy symbols.
16 Downtime 6-08-2012 832.425 GP Mithral Light Steel Shield Sold his shield.
17 Downtime 6-29-2012 100 GP More past feat retraining.
18 Downtime 11-01-2012 50 GP Yep, retraining again.
19 Downtime 11-09-2012 Nightsticks x4, Collision Enhancement 46000 GP More nightsticks because why not.
20 Wraith Town 4-13-2013 2400 XP 4000 GP 100 GP Turn Undead proved to be surprisingly useful.
21 Downtime 7-31-2012 Wand of Cure Light Wounds 750 GP Seriously, he REALLY needs one of these.
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