Race: Treant
Class: Treant 7
Alignment: Neutral

Description: Sociable Treant who lives next to Glaistig Pond on Glitter Island. Enjoys the company of other races and occasionally aids the Glaistigs there secure nourishment from wanderers.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Fall of Blackheart 01-25-2012 Mali Ohba tried to dig away some treasure buried nearby Togthorn and he responded quite angrily.
2 Unseelie Negotiations 02-01-2012 Was visited by a party of adventurers and had a brief conversation with Nightmare and Mali Ohba in which he revealed some both interesting and unsettling details about the fae plots. Mali succeeded in convincing him to allow her to build a stone house near Glaistig Pond.
3 Fox-firefication 08-02-2012 Revisited by Nightmare, chatted a bit with the fox about the past and the present state of affairs. Gave her few treant nuts to plant… somewhere safe… seeing that doom of those lands may be at hand.
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