The Wu Yakuza Syndicate


The Wu are a Yakuza group operating out of Rokugan, they have recently tried to make inroads to Dragonport importing drugs and are working with Blood Brothers turncoats to try to establish their foothold on the continent


The Wu have no base in Dragonport as of yet, they tend to operate out of Rokugani ships docked at the Dragonport piers



The Blood Brothers
Argus' Vipers



# Adventure Date Actions
1 Blood in the Water 6-5-2012 Killed a Gnoll gunslinger and drew the ire of Preacher who sent the party after the killers, the party found a ship full of drugs and martial artists and exacted vengeance.
2 Blood Money 06-11-2012 See game summary.
3 Blood in the Streets 7-6-12 Farris Blackclaw decimated the Wu flophouse and was rescued by the party when he bit off more than he could chew
4 The Professional 7-8-12 The Wu's bookkeeper was assassinated
5 The Black Mane 07-29-2012 Charlinia, with the use of her manipulative skills, pretty much turned the yakuza against their (now former) allies.
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