The White Witch

Race: Divine Guardian Animal Lord (Constrictor Snake ?)
Class: ?
Alignment: ???

Description: One of the 'beast-lords' (in this case the female is capable of taking a form of a white snake or white-scaled nagate) inhabiting the Obscured Isle chain… with a rather dual personality, one of a rather serene if a bit selfish 'do-gooder' the other … lacking that benevolent part.

Aika - cousin
Orochiko - 'past form' (from the Bloodstained Age)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Rokugan Civil War (preparations - coils of doom) 01-17-2013 'Abducted' Charlinia Coaldragon into her realm where she ordered her around a bit, not allowing such 'vile' persona to wander freely while her less morally virtuous part demanded servitude with … The Black Box being 'held hostage' to ensure the co-operation.
2 Jelloish Premonition 01/31/2013 Mentioned by Aika who revealed her blood ties to her while also warning Kimonto not to mess with the white snake.
3 Doomcape Exploration (epilogue) 03-24-2012 According to the vision seen by the party after the Darnten Siege dreamscape collapsed over the course of ages Orochiko turned into the persona currently known as the 'White Witch'. Such was a result of … Orochiko trying to get to clingy with the Wandering Saint who saw her as the ultimate form of a nuisance.
4 There's ... a forge in my belly ?! 09/27/2013 Was revealed to be Aika's cousin by Aika herself.
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