The Voice Of Chaos
One of the favored forms

Race: Anarchic Human (???)
Class: ???
Alignment: Chaotic ???

Description: A truly talented (and possibly divinely-inspired) singer who's voice can resonate even through the least sensitive hearts. A shame that he often uses the very same ability to spread chaos and destruction. The man appears to be gifted with a very peculiar chaos-related blessing which makes him radiate the 'force of change' through his very form it seems.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Excavation (part2) 12-07-2012 Sought to end the life of Kriegov Streingauss together with fellow worshipers of chaos (inluding Da'Ax). Left the 'scene' (quite literally this time) after the curtains were lowered by Rick Dodger.
2 The element of... 05-02-2013 For a reason yet unknown assailed the Seafaring Merchant Guild guildhall together with Da-Ax and their fellow… 'performers'. Challenged the party to a game and threatened to topple a substantial part of Dragonport (most with the use of a massive sound wave) should he come to harm. The team managed to subdue the anarchist though.
3 The element of...(part 2) 10-05-2013 Was still on his confinement about to be interrogated by the party, consisted of Irthos Lorsvek, Isaac, Seren Coltrane, Rick Dodger, Kimonto, Airy,Raital,Frozt
4 Unconventional Interrogation (part1) 06/15/2013 The party… entered the mind of his by the means of strange scroll somehow acquired by Rick Dodger. All done in order to actually learn something from their captive who proved to be quite a immune being when it comes to other means of information extraction. ]
5 Unconventional Interrogation (part2) 06/16/2013 The team continued their venture and learned of the Voice's involvement in… disrupting (if unintentionally) the work of Rathmas Loken… awakening Mathias Blizzaia only to later stumble upon anarchist's mind-wards taking a form of… half-celestial unicorn, mighty gibbering mouther as well as… chaos dragon. ]
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