The Veiled Society part 2

THe players planned to overthrow the current government. Then upon leaving the building they were in saw a guy giving a mob speach to try and get a riot going. The man saw us and ran and we chased after. He went into one of their buildings and we were stopped by men wielding scimitars and had to deal with them. We entered the building via a trap door on the roof and followed chanting. We came across the guy that was giving a speech to start a riot giving them a speech about Nerull and wanting to cause death. We were suprised when they were leaving through the door we were peeking in and it went to combat after a moment of wondering if they will talk it out. Balt died in the process. Ita shut the door and jammed it to give them enough time to escape the building and go get the party healed up and brought to life. Balt came back as an elf. Also heard about a prophecy and stuff from an old guy at the library.

XP reward: 9800
GP: none

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