The Blade of Souls
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The soul blade: weapon form / combat form / humanoid form.

Race: ???
Class: ???
Alignment: ??? Evil

Description: A weapon that Astaroth (and recently the College) is obsessed with finding. It is said that this sword drains the life out of its user. The armament contains its own cosmology within itself.

Current Owner
The Mysterious Employer aka The Bloodhaired One


# Adventure Date Events
1 Into the Great Unknown Part 1 12-21-2011 The Mysterious Employer blackmailed the party into retrieving a certain weapon, which is most likely the Soul Blade. The party later found Astaroth, who really wanted to find it.
2 Into the Great Unknown Part 2 12-27-2011 The party members reached the cavern in which the blade was left… approached it and then out of nowhere the blade transformed into a flaming skeletal figure. In the resulting battle Astaroth was defeated and the rest of the team was saved by sudden appearance of the mysterious employer. The vile sword was forced back into its weapon form. According to the man the blade's power in its transformed state depends on the power of those who approach it in its resting form… therefore he needed the party to trigger it so that he could recover the artifact with ease.
3 Into the Great Unknown Part 3 Prologue 12-29-2011 Accompanied The Mysterious Employer (in "her" humanoid form) in the Floating Library.
4 Wednesday Night Fever 01-18-2012 Assisted Mali and Sirius in their investigation, smacked the vampire trying to hit on her… dead (?).
5 Into the Great Unknown Part 5 01-20-2012 Helped the party to explore the Specimen Storage level of the abandoned research complex.
6 Into the Great Unknown Part 7 01-29-2012 Warped the party in and out of the complex.
7 There's a portal in my wardrobe ! 01-31-2012 Was seen being wielded by Night Terror in Nhim's vision.
8 Assault on Lion's Pride Keep 04-04-2012 After Night Terror was spawned of thousands of hate- and terror-filled souls, including those of Phobos, it is sent by Ra-Men (?) back through time to the Hive to seek the Blade, and the Brothian Orb
9 Curiosity be Dammed 05-31-2012 Was ordered by its master to become tutored by Aegis on one…peculiar matter. The daughter of Ragnora taught her…. in her own way of course.
10 The Second Step 06-01-2012 Continued its 'training' with Aegis for some time. Was recovered by the Bloodhaired One later.
11 Evil Oozey Business (Part 2) 06-17-2012 Handed to Aegis as a one-time occasion during her venture to the everlasting battlefields of the Blood War.
12 The Shadow... and the blade 07-12-2011 Lent to Bayushi Ita for one day by The Bloodhaired One.
13 Fulfilling...Oozey Business (>_>) 07-20-2012 The Blade of Souls is not pleased! She brings news of strange events and is stunned by the gooey revelations of what has been done to her!
14 Scaly Goo 07-25-2012 Developed something inbetween apathy/depression/complex of inferiority… 'flustered' enough to revert to the sword form when pressed.
15 Oozey Overload 07-27-2012 Aegis, unexpectedly, managed to 'awaken' the the absorbed soul of the former wielder of the blade from… few epochs ago. The Blade's true name appears to be 'Alfgildr'.
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