The Smoking Gnu


The Smoking Gnu is owned by a man called just Sam, any adventurers visiting Haven are told go to him regardless of what they are looking for. If questioned about the odd name of his tavern Sam just shakes his head and mutters to himself.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Haven Plots: The Ruins of Kraniskron 4/24/2012 The Crown of Korbore was recovered by a group of adventurers
2 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 5-22-2012 Adventurers were hired to find a lost patrol belonging to the Guild.
3 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 2 5/31/2012 The group of adventurers was hired by the Guild to trace the beast reponsible for killing many villagers in the outlying regions of the town.
4 Haven Plots: Haven Patrol 3 01/06/2012 The guild hired adventurers to find the location of a formian hive entrance deep in a desert north of the city.
5 Haven Plots: A Fisherman's Woe 07-26-2012 The Gnu can always be relied on for a job!
14 Haven Plots: Haven Under Attack! 08-21-2012 More adventurers find work here, albeit somewhat coincidently this time.
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