The Seekers


An enigmatic group of aberrant psionicists and arcanists hellbent on recreating the world in their own image.


Abandoned Research Complex
The Seeker Base hidden in the caverns deep under the Crew's Keep


Altharid, the Researcher
Igor Leviedev




The Eye From Beyond
The College of Necromancy (former ?)

Notable test subjects

The Overmind
Subject no16
No22 (Ivar Heavychain)
the Pet


The Sanctified Minds
Elan Council
The Bloodhaired One


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Infested Necropolis part 3 01-08-2012 Mentioned once by Sir Arturius Strongmind in his briefing.
2 Into the Great Unknown part 8 02-11-2012 According to Enigma the Overmind was not the real threat…but the ones who were behind its creation - the Seekers.
3 Those Who Seek (Prologue) 03-23-2012 Soleit deducted that the Hive might be one of the many creations of the organization.
4 Those who Seek (part 2) 04-05-2012 The party investigates their facility, searching for documents to confirm the existence of a powerful weapon against the College, destroying many warforged before turning back to regroup.
5 Those Who Seek (part 3) 04-12-2012 Soleit warps the party past the recently fortified security so they could continue their search of this unsettling compound, wherever…or whenever those explorations might lead…
6 Those Who Seek (part 4) 04-15-2012 Nightmare found an appendix to -most likely- the documents they sought near the quintessence-filled storage area.
7 Those who seek (part 6c) 05-02-2012 Revealed their existence to the world… and their comeback via Igor Leviedev. Captured both Ivar and Soleit. Kirgoyv's old 'interference' was implied.
8 Sigil Plots 05-21-2012 According to Zirgoyv his uncle Kirgoyv belonged to the organization… and if not for 'certain' happenings he would also end up joining them.
9 Continuum Unveils (Prologue) 06-12-2012 Mentioned few times by The Prophet.
10 A fox among the tears 06-21-2012 Mentioned once by Masked One who implied its bloodline being somehow connected to them.
11 Quintessential Essence 06-25-2012 Igor Leviedev acted on their behalf, investigating the Kython Hive.
12 Fulfilling...Oozey Business (>_>) 07-20-2012 Aegis realizes that they were the ones behind Ivar's abduction. Their mere existence unnerved Ragnora.
13 Return to the Great Unknown (part2) 07-23-2012 The party confirmed their suspicions of abandoned research complex being but another place of their design .
14 The Shackled Monarch 08-01-2012 Igor Leviedev's replica represented the organization, luring some College of Necromancy members (Deathscythe's) as well as The Blades of Ire. However some fast talk from the party as well as obviously conflicting interests of the 'newcomers' allowed the party to survive… . It is not clear what's the relation of the power group with the Void.
15 The trappings of ... (???)(epilogue) 12-02-2012 Mentioned once, and with utter loathing, by Milene who also recognized Nameless One as the 'device' of their design.
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