The Rock


The Rock is a tall mineral structure surrounded by a wide plain that is looked over on by the Krayzen Mountains. It is the home of the Krayzen Goliaths tribe.


The Krayzen Goliaths lived and worked in and around The Rock for hundreds of years as their society grew more prosperous. One day, the Temlin clan appeared to the Goliaths and used their magic to enslave the tribe. Over years the Goliaths began to learn how to resist their enchantments and the Temlin Clan could only use threats and force to dominate. They soon learned however, that the Krayzen Goliaths had an artifact, the Stone Crown, that would enable them to reassert their tyranny. The Goliaths hid the Stone Crown and in the Temlin Clan's anger, they cursed the Goliaths to forever be a part of The Rock. The Great Earth Mother, in her pity for the Krayzen Goliaths modified the curse such that the the the former Goliath King and his son would serve as the eternal stony guardians of the Rock, who would have to fight whoever entered their ancestral home, but upon their defeat, their people would be freed.

Eventually, Bor Heavychain and a group of adventurers entered the Rock, defeated the guardians, and broke the curse, freeing all the Krayzen Goliaths hundreds of years later.


Krayzen Goliaths

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