The Red Desert


Large barren stretch of land to the west of Dragonport. Contains the ruins of The Lost City as well as other ancient civilizations. Contains but is not limited to, Asherati, Bhuka, Sidewinders, Sand Wyrms, Desert Dragons, Blue Dragons, and Intelligent Cacti.


The Lost City/Ivargard
Ancient Burial Site


The Lost Asherati
Red Lizard Kings
Dunesturm Tribe


Amhapar - Asherati historian who wanders these lands
Zargon - Elder Evil who occupied The Lost City for thousands of years until he was destroyed (?)


# Adventure Date Actions
1 The Lost City 91-04-2012 The party, guided by Amhapar, traveled through the desert in order to reach The Lost City. Before the city was found the team was attacked by a powerful Dunewinder which almost knocked-out Altharid cold, in the end however the group survived all that the sea of sand offered them… at least this time.
2 The Io's Blood Isles Part 4 05-30-2012 Party went to the lair to retrieve the blue dragon orb. Which found out that Moc had it and was controlling the dragon and all the kobold.
3 Cael goes to town 10/18/2013 The mysterious device assembled by Cael pointed projected more than few points of interests placed on the desert. One of them being the Ancient Burial Site of the first Asherati kings.
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