The Prophet

Race: Human (?)
Class: ???
Alignment: ??

Description: A man with divination abilities who gives advice to people who ask for it, free of charge. He wears a white robe and has his back turned to visitors who enter his cave. Some managed to see that there's more to the man than meets the eye.

Organizations: N/A


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Continuum Unveils Prologue 6-12-2012 Rumors spread about him being found northeast of Dragonport. He gave advice to several PCs. Revealed himself to be the 'slayer of Acererak who, in his death throes, cursed all of the 48th champions…including their progeny. Aegis and Bayushi Ita managed to learn more about the one who refused to utter his name for such was the pain he had to endure after having to witness his 'children', at least each 48th one, embrace corruption of various kinds.
2 The Shadow... and the blade 07-12-2011 Provided Bayushi Ita with implements and know-how necessary to perform the rite on The Blade of Souls.
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