The Octagon


The Octagon was hauled into Dragonport Merchant District and serves as a stress reliever. Martial artists love it for contest that doesn't involve death. Currently, Dash the Vampeede is its guardian.

Group Policies:

The only rule is there are no rules. The artifact itself prevents the death of any who set foot upon it. The artifact only responds to its guardian for the purpose of being moved.

Current Members:

Dash the Vampeede - guardian
Rowdy - Founding Member
Masked Wrestler - Founding Member


Current Total: 500000 gp liquidated.


# Adventure Date Actions
1 Octagon 1 1-17-2012 Gato and his manager Sirius attended.
2 Octagon 2 1-19-2012 The party fought of Seeker and Hector De'Sante
3 Octagon 3 1-20-2012 The octagon proved to be profitable for Gato, Manager, and Tom
4 Octagon 4 1-23-2012 Dash and the party had a meeting here…but the adventure wasn't set here.
5 Octagon 5 1-27-2012 Roc and Farris Blackclaw fought Gato and Manager.
6 Octagon 6 2-3-2012 Found on the side of a mountain in the Krayzen Outscapes.
7 Octagon 8 2-18-2012 PHOBOS and Kamigawa fight Ranel and Rina.
8 Octagon Good Guys Challenge 3-22-2012 Another party entered the preliminaries.
9 A Cleric Apart 6-08-2012 Tom tried to go there for leads, but he found that it was moved to Haven.
10 Royal Challenge 06-07-2013 They're finally reopening after recovering the arena.
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