The Not So Wild West


Far west, beyond The Krayzen Outscapes is a vast grassland which served no purpose to the humans, elves, orcs, or any other race for that matter, that is, of course, until the Dwarves found it….

Around 250 years ago, an expedition to the West led by Alfred P. Battlehammer to survey the rock for precious minerals came back with outstanding results. The results showed that under the grassland were massive deposits of gold, iron, coal, gems, & even 2 kilograms of Diamond! The Dwarves sent word back to the Mithral mountains about this great find, and the mining equipment arrived within two weeks (the journey the expedition team made took 3 years…)

The mining operations began, and to this day, a steady stream of ore makes its way to the Mithral Mountains. Sadly, Alfred P. Battlehammer passed away five years ago at the great age of 312.

The distance between the West & the rest of Civilization means that the Dwarves who remain are about 20 years behind in technology, and the fact that mining isn't a wizards work means that there is very little magic users around. The only threat to the Dwarves are the local wildlife; Wolves & Huge Badgers. To combat these threats the Dwarves use revolvers & rifles, which are relatively new to the West…






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